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Cute Ways To Say I Love You

Updated on July 11, 2023
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These are ideas my loved ones and I have shared over the years. Hopefully, they will make one of your loved ones happy.

I Love You This Much
I Love You This Much | Source

Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Traditionally, Valentine's Day has been day to send a message of love. Some send truly romantic wishes and others send a cute "I love you" message.

A new and creative way to say "I love you" always brings a smile to the receivers face. Really, it doesn't hurt to send a cute little I love you any time of the year; we do. So keep these ideas in mind for anytime you might want to raise someone's spirits or let them know how much you care.

My significant other and I have exchanged a few cute "I love you's". We don't get too mushy so fear not, it's okay to scroll down as we share our secrets.

Let's share some original ideas for saying I love you

Please share some of the cute ways that you have said I love you or that someone has said I love you to you.

(All answers must have a PG rating).

Do have a cute way to say I love you?

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Say "I Love You" With Chocolate - But Make it Non Traditional

Heart-Shaped-Chocolate | Source

I was still working, and Jim was already retired, I always got up early while he slept.

On Valentine's Day I opened a bag of Dove's Heart Shaped Promises. I put an I love you candy on his nightstand and in his drawer in the bathroom vanity. I put one in the coffee filter holder so he would find it when he made coffee. There was one in the pantry on top of the coffee canister, and in his coffee mug and cereal dish, and on in the refrigerator next to the milk, and any other place I could think of.

I knew he was going to run errands that day, so I put one on his dashboard and one in his coat pocket. He always putters around in our utility room so I scattered a few in there.

I received a call at work and I could tell how happy and upbeat Jim was with his surprise. He said: "the chocolate fairy visited me today".

Dove Chocolate Promises - One Way to Say I Love You

Each heart comes individually wrapped. When you unwrap the chocolate, inside the wrapper is a message of love and or kindness. They are different chocolates to choose from, dark, milk and flavored ones. My favorite is the dark chocolate.

Look for these or any other heart shaped candy. If you can't find any, I am sure any individually wrapped candy will be a hidden surprise.

Did you hear the story about the people whose realized their garden gnome was missing?

Then, every so often they would receive an anonymous envelope in the mail with a picture of their gnome taken in front of famous landmarks around the world.

Read on...........we have an "I love you this much" figurine that appears in unexpected places

I love you this much - and maybe I love you just a little more

I Love You This Much
I Love You This Much | Source

We have a vintage Russ Berrie Sillisculpt figurine that says "I Love You This Much". We found it in my parents' home when we cleaned out their house.

It magically appeared in the refrigerator one day so that Jim could find it when he opened the door. Since then he has appeared in all sorts of crazy places around the house. Found him once on top of the agitator in the washing machine when I opened the cover. We take turns surprising each other.

Search on line for these now collectible figurines. They show up on eBay, Amazon, and other sites. There are also similar ones available around Valentine's Day. Buy it then, and make it magically appear any where and any time of the year.

We don't say I love you in an unusual or goofy way every year, that's what makes the times we do, so much more special.

Most Valentine's Days, we just get each other cute cards. One's with kittens and puppies on them top our list.

Then we put really over the top funny-mushy stuff inside. (I am not going to tell you what).

Our "I Love You" Pantry

I -Luv -You-In-The-Pantry
I -Luv -You-In-The-Pantry | Source

Write "I Love You" With Stick-On Letters

Ah yes! Imagine my surprise when I went to get a zip lock bag and found a "Jim Luvs Ellen" along with it.

That's my Jim. He took some ready stick letters and posted his message of love inside the cabinet. Sometime months later, I came across some sticky letters I had in my desk and reciprocated.

Much like the people who save their children's measurements on the wall, we will save our messages.

Sticky letters are available online, in office supply, and hobby stores.

I Luv You

I Luv You
I Luv You | Source

A family friend used to send his wife the same Valentine's Day card every year. He just crossed off the date and added the new date.

When their daughter was born, he added her name to the top and sent it to both of them "his two girls" every year.

What a great keepsake to have.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Ellen Gregory


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