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Danger Mouse Costume for Halloween

Updated on January 19, 2015

Where to find a Danger Mouse Costume for Halloween

Danger Mouse! The crafty, clever and cunning mouse that would always come good to defeat Baron Greenback, with his trusty side kick Penfold. Another classic kids TV show from the 1980s, voiced by the legend that is David Jason.

If you were a child of the 80s, then the call of "Daaaannnggger Mooooooouse!" from the theme tune, will resonate a plethora of emotion and memories. Along with Count Duckula, Trap Door and Morph - the little while mouse, with his odd little hamster friend brought many a joyful adventure to children across the UK.

A cartoon lovingly spoofed from the Ian Fleming, Jason Bond series, this character is a true icon. I've scoured Amazon for Halloween costumes and can only find one, yes you heard me correctly - just ONE Danger Mouse Fancy Dress Costume . So, here we go...let's see what we have...

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Your Danger Mouse Costume is Right Here!

Your Danger Mouse Halloween Costume...

Just when you thought kids TV from the 80s was a distant memory, this Danger Mouse Costume brings all the memories flooding back.

Now, bizarre as it may sound, there only appears to be one Danger Mouse costume available! Currently available in a size medium, with this set, you get the white Danger Mouse Costume, with Jumpsuit and Gloves. So, if you're looking for a simple, yet effective costume idea for Halloween, this might be the one - you don't need to worry about make up, or hair. So easy!

A very simple, yet highly fun dress up idea for any costume party you have coming up - but the danger element of this funky little mouse, adds a certain edge to any Halloween celebration, for sure (or maybe it's just the eye-patch, that makes me think of pirates, which always make me think of Halloween - I don't know why - I'll sssshhh now).

Please enjoy some of these fabulous clips from the classic TV show...

Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse

Who is Danger Mouse?

If you've arrived on this page, and you're thinking "Who the blinky blonky is Danger Mouse", then fret not, I will tell you. Danger Mouse was a cartoon from back in the day. He's a retro cartoon character. He's a white mouse, who fights crime. But he's a tough mouse, he has an eye patch and everything.

Cosgrove were the animators who created him, and what made Dangermouse even more legendary is that he was voiced by one of the UK's national heroes, David Jason.

Danger Mouse had a little side kick, who is assumedly a mole, he's quite shy and nervous, the opposite of our friend, DM! Penfold, helps Danger Mouse to fight crime, primarily against the evil clutches of Baron Greenback - a big angry, mean toad like villain!

There is a youtube link on this page, so do take a moment to find out more about this often forgotten, but so good kids TV cartoon!

"DangerMouse is much a British Institution, as Chips and Gravy"

— Anon

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See the DangerMouse Costume in Action

David Jason
David Jason

Who used to voice Danger Mouse?

Danger Mouse was voiced and narrated by British Legend, David Jason. In the late 80s and early 90s, David Jason was particularly famous - starring in British TV comedies such as Only Fools and Horses, his character of Del Boy, was a household name.

Other famous roles included, Pop Larkin in The Darling Buds of May, where he coined the catchphrase "Perfick" and starred with the now hollywood celeb, Catherine Zeta Jones. Other notable roles include Detective Frost, in the long running ITV series A Touch of Frost.

As well as Danger Mouse, David Jason also gave his voice to many other classic cartoons, primarily Count Duckula, the loveable vegetarian, vampire Duck!

Born in 1940, David Jason, is now confirmed to be resting, and taking a retirement. Although, as every actor knows, retirement never lasts - he will undoubtedly be returning to stage or screen at some point, some time, if the role is right, and the timing is right! Hopefully, he'll be back again, as such a loved and familiar face, we can only hope that there will be more to come.

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