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Daria Costumes

Updated on September 24, 2014

Daria Costume Ideas - for Daria, Jane, Trent, Brittany, Quinn, etc.

Heads up, 90s generation! Celebrate our era by wearing a costume from the Daria TV show featuring Daria Morgendorffer, the intellectual, cynical, deadpan, yet strangely lovable girl with her trademark glasses, thick brown mop of hair, and green outfit. If you'd like to go for perky, dress up as her popular little sister Quinn or as cheerleader, Brittany. Go as artsy outcast Jane or as her very cute garage band brother, Trent Lane, who Daria has a not so secret crush on.

There are many other characters to choose from and the all have their respective personalities and staple outfits - the perfect thing for Halloween costumes!

Who's your Favorite Daria character?

Characters of the Daria Show
Characters of the Daria Show

Before we talk about the Daria Costume, how about a little poll? Are you all for the titular four-eyed character or are you more for her best friend? Do you choose the popular side? Or did you always, like me, approve of Daria's taste in men and have a crush on Trent Lane? Maybe you wanted to be part of the fashion club. Or thought jock Kevin Thompson was just hilarious. Choose your favorite below!

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Who is your Favorite Daria Character?

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Daria Costume - Don't forget the deadpan expression!

Daria's signature outfit
Daria's signature outfit

Her trademark look consists of the following:

1. An undershirt in a color somewhere between orange and brown - you don't have to be too particular about getting the exact color right, as long as you get the whole general feel of the look!

2. A green zip jacket opened halfway with the collar folded out

3. A black pleated mini skirt

4. A pair of black military boots

5. Round glasses


- Cynical

- Deadpan except occasional small smirks

- Says "eep!" when Trent is mentioned

Top Moda Pack 72 Womens Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Black 6
Top Moda Pack 72 Womens Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Black 6

The best part of Daria's outfit, in my opinion - her black boots! She wears a pair of lace-up boots


Daria Trivia! Did you Know?

Daria was actually a spin-off of the Beavis and Butthead series. She appeared in that show as a recurring character.

Jane Lane Outfit - Dress up as Daria's Best Friend

Jane Lane's Outfit
Jane Lane's Outfit

I love Jane's outfit. I'd wear it even outside a Halloween / costume party. And it just so happens the shorts-tights combination is a fashion trend these days. Jane's getup consists of the following:

1. Short hair (ideally, tuck the hair on one side to show the ears, then hide the other ear with your wig)

2. Three Loop Earrings

3. Red lipstick

4. Red collared dress shirt that acts as her jacket, unbuttoned, and sleeves folded up

5. Black v-neck top (with white ribbing on the top part - not a very important detail)

6. Dark gray shorts

7. Dark gray Tights

8. Mid-calf Military boots


She usually has a deadpan expression and cynical outlook as well and has a very interesting twang.

Wanted Shoes Women's Planet, Black, 8 M US
Wanted Shoes Women's Planet, Black, 8 M US

The BFF's both wear military style boots!


Style Wars: Daria vs. Quinn vs. Jane - Which Fashion Sense Reigns Supreme?

Daria, Quinn, Jane Fashion - MTV
Daria, Quinn, Jane Fashion - MTV

In the show, Quinn is actually a member of the popular fashion club but honestly, I think her trademark outfit wouldn't pass the "fashionista" standard today and she's likely to be called by the fashion police! What do you guys think? Who among these three has the most sartorial merit?

Whose style do you like best?

See results

Trent Lane's Outfit - A Laidback Outfit for a Laidback guy

Trent Lane's Outfit
Trent Lane's Outfit
California Costumes The Dandy Moustache & Chin Costume Accessory, Dark Brown, One Size
California Costumes The Dandy Moustache & Chin Costume Accessory, Dark Brown, One Size

Just use the patch and trim it down a bit, then save the moustache for next year's costume party :P


Trent is a laidback rocker-type slacker who is typically a member of a garage band. He has a really distinct, cool way of speaking and I must say that like Daria, I had a bit of a crush on him before.

To achieve the Trent look:

1. Spiky hair

2. Soul patch

3. Three-loop earrings (on both ears)

4. A green shirt

5. A necklace with a circular pendant

6. Wristband

7. He's got tattoo markings on both arms - see picture to your right! (you can use black eyeliner to draw the pattern)

8. Manly rings

9. Ripped jeans

10. Optional - bring a rad electric guitar!

11. any black shoes would do

Trent's Accessories

For a guy, he sure wears a lot of accessories - more than any of the other female characters! Be sure to wear rings on your fingers and get a nice black leather armband to finish the look

Surgical Steel Fake Cartilage 'Clip-On' Triple Closure Ring - Sold Individually
Surgical Steel Fake Cartilage 'Clip-On' Triple Closure Ring - Sold Individually

The Lane siblings love their piercings! His are on his ear

Custom Personalized Guitar Pick w/ 24" Ball Chain Necklace
Custom Personalized Guitar Pick w/ 24" Ball Chain Necklace

This has a nice rock star edge to it, and the guitar pick symbolizes his guitar playing days

Trent Lane looks like MTV VJ Danny McGill
Trent Lane looks like MTV VJ Danny McGill

Does Trent Lane look like Danny McGill? - MTV Cartoon Character = MTV VJ?

I think Trent Lane was patterned after former MTV VJ, Danny McGill, who also happens to have a band (Power Onions). Sound off your thoughts on this below!

Here's a picture of the two side by side:

A Little Something about the Show

La la la la la

As soon as you hear the "La la la la la" of the opening intro, you know you're in for another treat in the form of cynical remarks, cliches, cliques, crazy antics, the exaggerated typical suburban American life, and all the quirks and fun associated with high school behavior. Daria is an animated TV show that aired on MTV from 1997 to 2002. It focuses on high school outcast, Daria, and her outlook and adventures with a handful of very colorful characters - the typical kinds of people we meet in school, but blown out of proportion to a certain degree.

Daria Videos - A Trip Down MTV Memory Lane

The TV show, Daria, had a lot of golden moments and funny retorts, as well as an interesting musical episode. Go check some of these videos out below and relive the good old days when MTV was serving up some quality shows that didn't involve reality TV or bratty girls.

Talk about your love for Daria, or the costume you plan on wearing!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I can kinda relate with Daria, I wasn't much of a sociable person back in high school either. Oh and I like the whole military boots / skirt look.


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