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Tiny Romance: A Dollhouse Valentine's Day

Updated on July 6, 2014

Romantic Dollhouse Decor

I adore setting up miniature holiday scenes - tiny, lovingly decorated rooms waiting as though their inhabitants had just stepped out and will be back any minute. Dollhouses can reflect the joy and delight of Valentine's Day. Miniature gifts, flowers, chocolates, and many more tiny accessories set beautiful holiday scenes, from breakfast in bed to a romantic evening.

I like to decorate room, or several, of a dollhouse. Or sometimes I like to build a single scene in a freestanding roombox, shadow box, or diorama. There are links below to many clever ideas that I've found inspirational.

Buy Dollhouse Heart Cake

All the miniature decorations shown here are in the 1/12 (1 inch equals 1 foot) scale, standard for most collector dollhouses. Let your imagination run free as you construct tiny romantic scenes for your dolls (or fairies, or gnomes, as the case may be!)

Romantic Breakfast in Bed

The dolls begin their holiday with a delicious teeny Continental breakfast on a tray, rolled in with a pretty wicker tea cart. Use a white canopy bed with lacy covers and matching furniture, to further set the mood.

Tiny Pink Heart Plates

Breakfast Tray

Miniature Tea Cart

Printable Dollhouse Accessories

Print out Valentine cards and accessories on stiff paper, then cut them out and assemble.

Tiny Flowers

The traditional Valentine's Day gift is a bouquet of red roses. The lady of the dollhouse can have a lovely fresh bouquet, wrapped in paper and tied with a ribbon. Sophisticated dolls may prefer an elegant orchid or other exotic blooms.

Dollhouse Red Roses

Miniature Pink Orchids

Tiny Pink Lotus

Dollhouse Valentine Sweets

Chocolate is the next traditional gift for Valentine's Day. So of course we have a heart-shaped box full of tiny chocolates, but that doesn't mean we'll skip the pink cookies, or the red-sprinkled cupcakes! And it's too bad we can't eat the lovely cakes, but we can admire the delicate piping, chocolate curls, and fruit slices.

Mini Heart Cupcakes

Dollhouse Love Cakes

Miniature Heart Cookies

Miniature Heart Candy

Heart Chocolate Cake

Tiny "Be Mine" Cakes

Dollhouse Inspiration

Beautiful miniature Valentine scenes set in roomboxes and dollhouses. Use them to inspire your own creative scene!

Romantic Evening

As Valentine's Day draws to a close, the dolls play soft music on the stereo, light a few candles, and sip a glass of wine.

Mini Rose Wine and Goblets

Dollhouse Candles

Tiny Stereo System

Who knew that dolls had such lovely lingerie? These pieces are display-only - they won't actually fit onto a doll. So drape them daintily across the back of a vanity chair, or on top of the bedspread.

Dollhouse Corset and Garter Belt

Dollhouse White Fishnet Stockings

Dollhouse White Lace Gloves

More Holiday Dollhouses

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More Valentine's Day Decorating and Gift Ideas

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Beautiful Pressed Flower Jewelry Valentine's Day Gifts
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Find More Dollhouse Accessories

What does your doll want for Valentine's Day?

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    • VictoriaHolt profile image

      VictoriaHolt 4 years ago

      Great idea. Have fun. I am a dollhouse owner/builder, and I have always loved playing with dollhouses.

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 5 years ago from Liverpool, England

      My mother would love this - she's a doll's house owner. Funnily, small kids, male and female, go wild over it,