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Updated on October 17, 2013
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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!

What's your halloween Decoration style?

Do you like creepy cool? Vintage Vampires, scary scarecrows, horrifying halls or (barfs) cutesie wootsie hallowed decor?

Being Halloween is basically HORROR holiday, I prefer all of the above BUT Cutsie. (Fine for little kids to dress but at least mix it up)

Ladies do you also decorate your nails for each holiday? I'm also going to try and include a few Halloween nail decorations for you, and who likes a homemade Halloween? All the decorations Home made? I will include instructions (I do hope video included) of how to make a Tissue Ghost.

Maybe you don't decorate because you don't have the time (maybe you just moved or there was an emergency) Well why not at least decorate yourself Like your nails it catches the eye weather you do it yourself or use decals.

I'm going to try my best to help you out with nail decorations, and hopefully some accessories for you and maybe some home decor as well.

DECOween help

Some people have a nack for making their own decorations others not so much. They need a nudge if they want to get crafty & here's some books to help you.

below there's a video of a Hand made ghost I make (I made one years ago but couldn't find it so I decided to do a new one & show it)

My quickie nail art.. Skull, web & blood

My quickie nail art.. Skull, web & blood
My quickie nail art.. Skull, web & blood

Halloween books

I thought of the VIntage treat bags I would get on Halloween and thought they would make a nice decoration of some sort

but as to what I am not sure. Placemat, curtain (if you have enough) wreath make a mini book, use them in your scrapbooks smash books etc?

How do you decorate

What is your favorite way to decorate for halloween

See results

How to make a handmade Ghost decoration - supplies list & instructions

Supplies list & instructions

As far as the supplies go, they vary depending on if you are going to make it temporary or plan to keep it a few years.

for the disposeable version you will need


*(clear Elmer's) glue

*black marker


* white thread OR better if possible fishing line (fishing line if you hang it outside will give the appearance that it actually is floating)

make a ball of Tissues in your hand Not too big, but not too small either.

put a dab glue a bit on top of tissue ball so the next step will stick

Start to layer tissues over the ball (remember to use a drop or 2 in different spots to secure the layers together.

This has to be big enough to fit over the ball but yet still be able to drape (& later look like its floating)

Now carefully try to sew a bit at the top to keep it together & making a loop to hang it from

for the reuseable version

*Different size (foam) balls (or toy balls the kids no longer play with)

*White rags of various sizes The older, & more worn the better.

(Halloween theme idea note… If you are a video game fan particularly Pack-man use a Pink, Orange, Navy blue, baby Blue & Red Rags but all the same size ball, & use a scallop or (shark tooth) scissor to cut the part of the rag that will be the bottom of the ghost)


*white thread or fishing line

*(scissors & other tools for cutting ripping & shredding)

*Sew the middle part of the rag to the ball (starting with the underside of the rag , the part that will be on the ball so the knot will not be seen)

thread the string through the rag. Now while it's ON the foam ball thread it in and out just a few times for it to stay together. Also you need to sew a loop to hang it from. (you might want to do this in a couple of spots to be sure it stays down if you plan to put it outside.

*Draw eyes (& be sure to color in)

*now the better worn (& kind of ratty your ghost looks the creepier it will be) shred cut make yor Ghost look a bit beat up to your liking (add clanking chains if you'd like make it go bump in the night)

*Hang in door way or somewhere the wind will catch it. If you used thin fishing line then it should look like there is nothing holding it & when the wind blows it'll look like its flying

(for those of you that are good with tinkering, if you set it on a motorized remote control car or helicopter (something small so it won't be seen, that would be hilarious for a prank)

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