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Didymos Wrap: My Baby Carrier Review

Updated on January 17, 2020

Try out the original and best baby sling

In this personal review, I'm going to share my experience with the Didymos woven wrap, which I've found to be the most comfortable, safe and practical baby carrier available.

The joy of wearing a baby in a baby carrier is universal. However, there is a huge difference in quality and ergonomics between brands.

Many parents have found that some popular brands are great for newborns, but lead to sore shoulders and backs as soon as baby is a few weeks old.

Other carriers are known by experts to impede healthy hip development. Yet others are too impractical, unattractive or wear out quickly.

The Didymos wrap is truly the queen of woven baby wraps. Expertly made in Germany since 1972, this is a baby product that will last for several children and still be in great shape for future grandkids.

Unlike most baby carriers that can only be worn in 2 or 3 ways, Didymos wraps can be worn in dozens of different carries on the front, hip or back. Being a long woven piece of cloth with endless carrying possibilities, the wrap can be adapted to fit the tiniest newborn, up to a preschool aged child.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather invest in a baby carrier that will last for the whole time I need it rather than have to change as each weight limit is reached! Not only that; the slings can be used as hammocks, cubby houses and many more ideas that are listed below.

For parents of babies that 'just won't be put down', were born prematurely, are teething or ill, having a wrap is a lifesaver. But any parent will find that a baby carrier makes life easier, no matter their situation.

Although I have several different baby carriers, I always reach for my Didymos when my baby is fussy. There's nothing like being wrapped up tightly in a soft, cuddly wrap to calm a little one down.

Picture of Didymos Baby Carrier Organic Wrap Sling, Iris, Size 6 courtesy of Amazon

Didymos Iris

This is the colourway I personally own. Flattering shades of green and blue make up the 'Iris' wrap which despite its name is great for both girls and boys. I like that the colours and striped pattern are casual enough to go with jeans, but are bright and stylish, too.

- very high quality woven wrap

- made to last for generations

- suitable for babies and children up to 50lbs

- allows baby to be carried ergonomically while parents' hands are free

Click for more infoCHECK PRICE

This is the wrap of your dreams...I would honestly be lost without mine.

I love my Didymos woven wrap!

If you're looking for a baby carrier that's adaptable to all ages and stages, is soft and snuggly, and is woven to last, this is the wrap of your dreams.

I would honestly be lost without mine - it's allowed me to prepare dinner with a fussy, teething baby kept calm on my back. It's taken the family to visit volcanoes, waterfalls and other places inaccessible to prams. It's been a makeshift cubby house, a favourite blanket, and much much more.

Used Didymos wraps can usually be sold for only a little less than their retail price. But I think ours will be staying here forever.

Click the picture to see the price according to your preferred wrap length. From that page, you can choose from several different colours and patterns.

Choosing a wrap size

What length will I need?

And what's the difference between a size 3 and size 6?

Find the answers to your questions on the handy Didymos sizing page

Front carry with twists

Here's a Didymos Waves in action. This carry is wonderful for summer, as the twists create fewer layers of fabric against you and baby's bodies.

For heavier babies or in cold weather, spread the twists out to add another layer of fabric.

Asleep in a wrap - Didymos 'Millefiori' comes with sleepy dust

photo credit: anjaalt via photopin cc

Don't just take my word for how good these wraps are. Thousands of parents have fallen in love with Didymos, leaving online reviews like these and these.

10 reasons to use a Didymos wrap

  1. These wraps become very soft and snuggly after a little bit of use. Imagine your favourite, well-worn pair of jeans or softest cotton T-shirt.
  2. Most babies love being swaddled or cuddled up tightly. Wrapping them in a woven wrap allows them to feel safe (like they did in the womb).
  3. Because Didymos wraps are so well-known for their quality, they hold their resale value pretty well. Many seasoned babywearers are happy to pay close to retail for a wrap that has been used a lot, because it's become so soft.
  4. Didymos wraps are woven in a parallelogram shape, so that the tails get thinner at the ends. This makes it easier to tie a neat knot, and lets the fabric drape down gracefully rather than in a large, cumbersome knot.
  5. Wrapping your baby leaves your hands free to do household chores, look after another child or have something to eat.
  6. These wraps encourage babies to be carried ergonomically, with their spines, hips and backs all optimally positioned.
  7. Didymos wraps are really easy to care for. A normal wash with the rest of your laundry will get rid of stains and dirt easily.
  8. They're absolutely gorgeous. Those bright stripes, classy waves or dozens of other patterns and colours bring something special to any outfit.
  9. Once you've mastered tying the knots, using a wrap is far quicker, easier and more practical than lugging around a pram.
  10. When you're in the shop and your breastfed baby is hungry, you can nurse him easily in the wrap with no-one knowing you're even doing it, while continuing your shopping.

Double Hammock back carry

That's a gorgeous Didymos Waves featured in the video.

Click for more infoCHECK PRICE

Click for more infoCHECK PRICE

Wrap poll

What do you think about carrying babies in a woven wrap?

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Nursing in a wrap

This clever mother uses a Didymos Indio wrap to breastfeed her baby discretely and hands-free.

Why pay so much for a piece of cloth? - Can't I just get some fabric and make a DIY wrap?

photo credit: anjaalt via photopin cc

There really is no substitute for quality. The internet is full of tutorials for DIY baby wraps made of old T-shirts or cheap piece of material bought from the local fabric store. The truth is, while those options are cheap and fun to craft, they can be uncomfortable as well as dangerous.

First, home-made or cheaper wraps are usually not made of a woven material. SPOCS (simple pieces of cloth) can easily snag, or have weak spots that aren't noticed until the spot turns into a hole. Carrying a baby in these wraps runs the risk of the material weakening or the knot coming undone.

Quality woven wraps such as Didymos go through rigorous testing to ensure they can carry the weight of a baby (and even adult!). They are woven so that the fabric doesn't stretch or sag, the knot won't slip and the fabric and dyes are safe for babies. Any parent with a young baby will tell you they like sucking and chewing fabric, so this last point is especially important.

Secondly, the comfort level between a cheaper wrap and a German-style woven is incomparable. I can walk for several hours with my chunky toddler on my back and barely feel his weight. The fabric transfers his weight evenly over my shoulders and back, making it comfortable for the wearer, but also for baby.

My experience of using a cheaper wrap was not so positive. Once my son wasn't a tiny newborn anymore, carrying him in a cheap wrap was anything but comfortable. The thin fabric dug into my shoulders, and it left red marks on my son's thighs. Meanwhile, Didymos wraps are hemmed in a way that the wrap edges are soft on baby's skin as well as the parent's shoulders and back.

Alternative uses for your woven wrap

Once you've invested in a quality baby wrap, there are dozens of things you can use it for besides carrying your child.

- Make a hammock to relax in. You can buy a hammock ring which was specifically designed for woven baby wraps.

- Attach it to a hook on the roof for a colourful & comfortable swing

- Bind a heavy pregnant belly to relieve discomfort and backaches. See the video below for details.

- Use it as a snuggly blanket (your baby will love the familiar smell)

- Use it as a makeshift picnic blanket or beach towel

- Wrap it around you as a cute skirt

- Play tug of war

- Tie it to a toy truck or animal toy and pull it along

- Use it to carry groceries if you've forgotten your reusable bags

- Drape it over or between furniture to make a cubby house

- Wraps make wonderful scarves in cold weather

- Hang it horizontally in a child's playroom & use it as a divider net for impromptu tennis or volleyball games

photo credit: anjaalt via photopin cc

Alternative uses for woven wraps

Wrap uses poll

Which use do you like best for a woven baby wrap?

See results

Books about babywearing

The art and tradition of carrying babies in a woven wrap, sling or other carrier is as ancient as humanity. Mothers have carried their babies on their backs while working and their fronts for nursing for a very long time.

These fascinating books explore why this practice is beneficial (and there is a lot of research showing that it is!), how to do is safely and what the long-term effects are on the parent-child relationship.

T.I.C.K.S rule of safe positioning

T- Tight. Keep the fabric snug. Too much slack leads to a slumping baby and sore back for you.

I - In view. Baby's face should never be hidden by the fabric. Make sure you always have a clear view of their face.

C - Close enough to kiss. By tipping your head slightly you can kiss your baby's forehead easily.

K - Keep chin off your chest. Insert a finger between baby's chin & your chest to check position

S - Supported back. Baby's back should be rounded, never straight.

Didymos wraps on eBay

These coveted wraps pop up on eBay often, so keep checking back here for the latest Didymos auctions. Although the basic coloured and striped models are available easily on Amazon, you can snap up some seriously gorgeous, rare and limited edition wraps on eBay.

Babywearing accessories

Wrapping your baby is a complete joy, but presents its own challenges. Some parents worry about how they'll carry their baby in winter - do they wrap over a big jacket, or keep it unbuttoned and let the wind in? In summer, you may be wondering how to keep your child's head protected.

Luckily, there are some truly genius accessories available that are stylish, practical and great value for their high quality.

For example, check out these summer accessories including UV resistant babywearing covers and sunhats that won't fall off (a must when your child is on your back).

In cold weather, I love the look of these winter accessories: snuggly leg warmers, boiled wool soft shoes & hats, babywearing jackets and fleeces make life easier.

Click for more infoCHECK PRICE

Click for more infoCHECK PRICE

Quick & easy hip carry

Didymos Katja makes a great quick sling. This is a practical carry for toddlers who are constantly up and down.

Had you heard of this baby carrier before? What do you think about it?


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