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Disney Princess Gifts/Girl Birthday Idea

Updated on May 12, 2011
Disney princesses
Disney princesses

Disney Princess Collection

Bring Disney magic home and buy Disney Princess gifts for someone special. Little girls between the ages of three and eight love the Disney princesses. I know one of my daughters enjoyed her princesses for a little longer than age eight. There is just something about them that is so magical and enchanting. I think every girl dreams of being a princess herself.

Whether you need a gift for Christmas or a birthday, going with a Disney princess theme is both timeless and sure to please. Princess Jasmine, Belle, Snow White, Ariel and of course Cinderella all bring their own special appeal and personalities.

I have found some great gift ideas for girls that are sure to be favorites with the little girl on your list. Whether it be games or gadgets or carry along friends, there are several ways to enjoy and experience the magic these princess gifts have to offer.

Disney Princesses

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Buy Disney Princess

I can remember when my daughters were little how they liked to carry purses. Of course they like to have something important in them to do. What could be better than a Disney Princess with accessories and playmates?

These Precious Princess Sparkle Bags really fit the bill. They come with one Disney Princess, four outfits, accessories, two character friends and there is a diorama type of scene inside the heart shaped purse.  Everything needed for a fairy tale setting.

Your daughter or other little girl, on your gift giving list, will be equiped for hours of playtime.  It doesn't take alot to spark a child's imagination.  She will be ready to dream up all kinds of adventures and suspense.  This is a great item to take along to a dentist or doctor's appointment when you may have a long wait in the waiting room.

Hmm..I'm thinking it would probably be fun to have one of each. Each purse would be a separate house for each princess. Of course they would have to be set up in a village and visit each other..I guess I'm just a kid at heart!

Fun Disney Princess Gadgets

Any little girl would love to wake up to an alarm from a Disney Princess. The collector's item clock is precious and would be treasured for years to come. The three princesses alarm clock is cute and fun. It features Belle, Cinderella and Snow White on the dial.

What little girl doesn't like to talk? This phone with the answering machine allows your child to listen to recorded messages from all of the Disney princesses.

A girl will feel very grown up with the Disney princess laptop. Now when mom and dad have work to do on their laptops, she can join right in. It features a keyboard, ten number buttons, and LCD screen, twelve piano keys and a 3D slipper mode selector with eight activities. There is enough there to keep her busy with "work" for a long time.

Buy Disney Princess Collection

Here is a look no further, dream come true gift. All of the Disney princesses in one collection. They are beautiful in their gowns and ready to be swept away by Prince Charming.  Any girl would love to own these.

Buy Disney Princess Games

Games are always a hit and if the princesses are involved, the fun is just more magical. I think my favorite game is the Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition. This is a jewelry dress up game. Each girl moves her glass slipper around the game board to find the accessories needed for the ball. She needs to collect the necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet first, before midnight, to win. Of course, each player will wear the pieces as she collects them!

Learning is fun when Cinderella and Ariel do the teaching.  The Leapster game teaches basic math and reading skills with their help.  The memory game is also fun for matching and memory skills.


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