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Pet Halloween Costumes with Dog Wigs

Updated on October 16, 2016
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Our Precious Lily
Our Precious Lily

Add a Dog Wig to your Pet's Halloween Costume

Dog wigs are so much fun for that pet who loves to have fun. If you have a good-natured dog like our family pet, Lily or an easy-going cat, then adding a dog wig to this year's Halloween costume is adorable. Your pet will be the star of the party with just the right costume that expresses their personalities.

Even my grandson's pet ferrets look so cute in little tiny costumes. We do have to tie the hat under their chins to stay on for just a few minutes. The kids have fun dressing them up and the ferrets love the attention.

To finish off a Halloween costume add a dog wig to many of the costume choices available. All it takes is a little imagination (from the pet's owners). A dog wig will show off your pet's personality, and just be as cute as can be!

There are wigs for dogs that will turn him or her into Elvis, Bob Marley, a Rock Star and more. There are mullets, pigtails and dreadlocks wigs to buy for your pet. Don't forget the camera for lots of photo opportunities of your dog in one of many different Halloween costumes ideas. Many pet Halloween costumes come with a wig or hat to finish off the "look".

You never know, your pet may become the next winner of the costume contest.

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Pig Tail Wig
Pig Tail Wig

Dog Wigs and Costume Ideas

Halloween, Holiday Parties and Themed Events!

At Halloween, holiday parties or any other themed events, your dog can get dressed up just like you to celebrate the holiday in style. Halloween pet costumes come is a large variety of styles to fit any size dog.

Most come with a hood or hat, but some have dog wigs to go with the costume. These dog wigs secure on just like the hat with elastic under the chin. Some dogs are patient with wearing their costume and wig. Dogs love all the attention they receive because they look so cute in their special costume.

A pink wig can be used with a ballet costume, pretty dresses and even a rock star costume. The pig tails dog wig can be added to a farmer's daughter costume. The black caveman style wig can also be used with a bit of gel to turn your dog into Elvis. Don't forget the black leather jacket or shiny jumpsuit style outfit just like the ones Elvis used to wear. "You are nothing but a Hound Dog" will be the theme.

LuLu Pink Dog Wig
LuLu Pink Dog Wig

Just add the tutu and your dog will become a ballerina.


Dog Costumes with Wigs

Who does your dog want to be?

Your dog's costume is not complete without a wig or hat to go with it. I know that some dogs may not want to wear something on their head, but if they are accommodating, a hat or wig will just complete the look. Your dog will be the hit at the neighborhood Halloween parade, party or just to greet your "trick or treaters" that come to your door.

Costumes that come with wigs include a Punk Rocker, a Cave Dog with wild black hair and pig tails with a Dorothy style outfit for the female dog in your family. Outfits that come with a hat include a sailor suit, astronaut, mariachi suit and a dapper Dan tuxedo suit.

The local pet supply stores and online offer a huge range of pet costumes to choose from. I think it is fun to try to match your dog's personality with a costume that fits him or her. Don't forget the camera!

Hippie Dog Pet Costume - Large
Hippie Dog Pet Costume - Large

A retro costume for your furry friend.

Pet Parade
Pet Parade

Tips on Putting on a Pet Parade

Everyone Loves a Parade...and Pets in Costume!

This even goes for pet owners, their friends and family and even the local neighborhood. It really is easy and a lot of fun to put on a Pet Parade for Halloween. Whether you just have a Pet Parade in your neighborhood or organize a larger one at for your church, clubs or city, they really are fun to do with just a little bit of effort.

Here are some tips to planning a successful Pet Parade:

  1. Look at the calendar and select a date and time for your parade
  2. Select an area or park for your parade
  3. Enlist some friends to volunteer to help you
  4. List the categories for winners
  5. List the types of prizes for the winners
  6. Find judges for your parade; pet related business owners make great judges
  7. Make flyers and advertise your Pet Parade
  8. Take lots of photos at your Pet Parade

These tips are the basics you will need to put on a fun Pet Parade. We all love our dogs and want to show them off. Make up categories which could include Most Original, Best Halloween Costume, Single Pet, Group of 2 or more pets, Best Handmade Costume and more.

At my last Halloween Pet Parade at the community I am an Activity Director, we planned our Pet Parade on Halloween day at lunchtime. I recruited a local pet store manager, veterinarian and dog groomer to be the judges. I also found a photography student from the local college to record the event! Every "pet participant" received a "trick or treat" bag of healthy snacks and the top winners received ribbons and gift baskets from the pet store owner!

Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume, Small
Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume, Small

Does your pooch get into mischief?


Make a Dog Costume for Halloween

Simple to Do - Creative Too

Making your own dog costume for Halloween or any other holiday event is easy and fun. Even if you think you are not that crafty or know how to use a sewing machine, you too still can make your favorite pet a costume to celebrate the holiday with you. There are lots of patterns for dogs to choose from so the first thing to do is narrow your costume idea down to a few favorite ideas.

Maybe you want your dog to match your costume or maybe you want them to be unique and one-of-a-kind. With using a costume pattern, the steps are outlined for you and all you have to do is buy the fabric. Most patterns that you can buy come with several styles of costumes for your dog. They also are packaged by size and sometimes include all sizes in one. If you can follow simple directions, you can make your dog a costume.

Feeling creative? Want a unique costume for your dog? Then design and make your own costume for your dog. Think of their "personalities" and an idea will come to you easily. My parents own a little Bishon Frise pup who is extremely shy. A great costume for her would be dressing her up as one of the seven drawf's "Bashful". We will get her a little brown jacket and glue on the felt letter's to spell out "Bashful" on the back of the jacket. Taking a soft fabric, I will make her some little boots by cutting round circles and tying them around her ankles with a soft ribbon. Just tight enough to stay on but not hurt her. With the felt, I will make a little hat with elastic to slip under her chin to stay on her head. As you can see, there is minimal sewing with this idea and most of the sewing needed can be done by hand if you don't own a sewing machine.

I have seen many Halloween parties, pet parades and costume contests to come up with ideas for our family dog. It is a lot of fun and most dogs don't mind the attention of dressing up and being "fussed" over. Again, don't forget to take pictures.

Blond Dog Wig
Blond Dog Wig

Dogs look so cute...

Wearing a fun Halloween costume.

Sporting a wig or hat on their heads!

Does your Dog Dress Up for Halloween?

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What is your favorite pet costume?

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