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Dragon Gift Guide: Unique Dragon Gifts

Updated on August 30, 2017

The Mystical Dragon Gives Endless Unique Gift Possibilities

The dragon is probably the most famous mythical creature. With so much power and grace, it's not surprising it is so popular. There are tons of amazing and unique dragon gifts out there for any taste. On this lens I have put together a range of both graceful and cute dragon gifts. Along the way, you'll also learn a bit more about these fantastic creatures.

The mythology of the dragon evolved in Europe and Asia entirely separately, but in recent centuries the two have influenced each other. In both cultures, the beast has stood the test of time and there are those who believe it is more than a myth. Both fierce and beautiful, the dragon has inspired a vast array of fantastic items. These are just a few of the many unique dragon gifts available.

Image from Amazon

Cute and Unique Dragon Figurines - A must for any fan

Unique dragon figurines are a perfect way to either increase your collection or have just a small tribute to what you love. Many dragon figurines available have a dark, gothic feel, and while some of these figurines fit that motif, I've also found some brighter, friendlier figurines. These are especially good as a unique gift for children who love dragons.

Gifts & Decor See Hear Speak No Evil Dragon Figurines, 3-Piece
Gifts & Decor See Hear Speak No Evil Dragon Figurines, 3-Piece

These cute dragons add a unique twist on an old favourite. They're also colorful, which makes them great for kids.

Wise Old White Dragon Collectible Serpent Drake Figurine Statue Model
Wise Old White Dragon Collectible Serpent Drake Figurine Statue Model

I love this realistic looking dragon. He's very majestic and powerful.


Dragon Book Ends - To suppot your dragon reading habit

If you're a dragon lover, you'll need something to hold up all those dragon and fantasy books. This pair of bookends are perfect for the job. Subtle, but still impressive, they'll liven up any bookshelf and attract people to your book collection. You could also use them for your DVDs or even just as a decorative piece on their own.

Gifts & Decor Fierce Dragon Mystical Muted Soft Green Color Bookend
Gifts & Decor Fierce Dragon Mystical Muted Soft Green Color Bookend

These are gorgeous book ends that are a perfect gift for any dragon lover or fantasy reader.


Dragon Chess Set - Time to start playing!

Chess is one of the most intelligent games. A true test of skill and strategy, it can provide hours of entertainment. But who wants to play on a regular board? To spice things up, try this unique dragon chess set. It may even entice someone to learn to play! The quality pewter pieces make this chess board well worth the buy, even aside from the unique design. I always admire themed chess sets, and this dragon chess board is among my favourites. It's a perfect gift for any dragon fan.

Dragon Chess Set
Dragon Chess Set

A beautiful and unique chess set.


A Real Dragon?

Imagine coming across this on the beach! It would be quite the shock, especially if you're not quite sure if it's real or not. Fortunately, this life-sized dragon skull is just a show piece. It is part of the Game of Thrones series and took a lot of work to create. I'm sure filming people's reactions was a lot of fun!

Dragon Mugs and Holders

Lisa Parker Dragon Design Bone China Mug
Lisa Parker Dragon Design Bone China Mug

Dragons are often depicted as guardians. The moon is the perfect place for a dragon to sit while watching over the earth.


How to Train Your Dragon - A great family movie

How to Train Your Dragon may be a children's movie, but its story and depth are so phenomenal, the whole family will enjoy it. Hiccup is a young Viking trying to make a name for himself. Unfortunately, in his village that means killing dragons, which he is completely incapable of. When he is finally able to bring down the most elusive dragon, he finds he doesn't have the heart to kill it. This begins an unlikely but wonderful friendship between a boy and his dragon. The phenomenal animation, sweeping musical score, and heartfelt story combine to give us a fantastic movie. There is a sequel in the works, too, so this is the perfect time to see (or rewatch) this wonderful movie. Quite honestly, it is one of my favourites.

How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon

This movie is a must for any dragon fan and is great fun for everyone.


How to Train Your Dragon Trailer - Just a sample of the magic

If you haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon yet, or if you just want to relive a bit of it, watch the trailer here.

Unique Dragon Lamps - Illuminate your space!

Dragons are known for their fire. These unique dragon lamps won't go so far as that, but they will light up a room! I've collected a few different styles to suit a variety of tastes. Each lamp would make a creative addition to any room. If you are worried about space, one even mounts on the wall. Some of them are brighter, or some offer a soft glow if you want to create a bit of atmosphere without any harsh lights. Any of these unique dragon lamps would make an excellent conversation piece at your next party!

Dragon Lamp, 12"L # 92181 by ACK
Dragon Lamp, 12"L # 92181 by ACK

This one reminds me of Smaug guarding his treasure. A nice feature of this guy is that you can turn him so that his wings block part of the light, allowing you to control how bright he makes the room.


Unique Dragon Jewlery - Some beautiful options

There is no end to the unique dragon jewelry available out there. It would be easy to amount an enormous collection, but at the same time, there is really no such thing as enough. You're sure to find a piece of dragon jewelry here to add to your collection or to someone else's.

EVER FAITH Women's Austrian Crystal Cool Animal Fly Dragon Bangle Bracelet Green Gold-Tone
EVER FAITH Women's Austrian Crystal Cool Animal Fly Dragon Bangle Bracelet Green Gold-Tone

This gorgeous green dragon bracelet would look good on anyone. It's elegant without being too flashy.


Are Dragons Real?

Maybe more than you thought!

Many people argue that dragons once really existed in our world. They are a part of the mythology of many cultures, so logically they must have existed if people in different parts of the world knew of them. "Proof" sometimes emerged in the form of giant bones. Of course, we now know these bones to be from dinasaours. More evidence of the existence of dragons emerged from first hand accounts with the creatures. People who reported these stories had actually encountered Komodo dragons, which can grow to be ten feet long and are typically agressive.

So, did dragons indeed once walk this planet? We might never know. Regardless, the legends that have emerged are ingrained in our culture and have given us a great deal of creative outlets and entertainment.

Photo by linhvienthai used under Creative Commons Licence

What Do You Think?

There's lots of people out there who think dragons are real. Others say they're purely myth. So far, there's no proof that anything bigger than a komodo dragon has ever existed, but you never know! What do you think? (You don't need an account to comment!)

Do you think dragons are real?

Unique Dragon Tables - Truely fantastic furniture options

Some of the unique dragon furniture items available are phenomenal. The love and passion the designers have put in shine through in each of these pieces. They are each different, making it difficult to choose a favourite. If you love dragons, show it in a bold way! The neutral tones allow them to match a variety of furniture and rooms. They are especially great for a study, since they create a medieval feel, before our technology and fast paced world. You could easily get lost in a fantasy book when one of these unique dragon tables is in the room.

Design Toscano Warwickshire Dragon Gothic Decor Glass Topped Coffee Table, 39 Inch, Polyresin, Grey Stone
Design Toscano Warwickshire Dragon Gothic Decor Glass Topped Coffee Table, 39 Inch, Polyresin, Grey Stone

This is a nice stable table in case you have pets. It has an impressive gothic feel and is sure to get a conversation going.


In mythology, dragons exist mainly as an enemy for brave heros to overcome. Their treasure is a reward for their vanquishers.

Dragon Bedding and Blankets - Cozy up with a friend

They're not fire breathing, but these blankets will help you stay warm on those cold winter nights. Give your bedroom a medieval feel with these dragon bedding items. They're perfect to add to the dragon theme you already have going or if you just want a dragon accent. They're a great option if you're looking for a change of pace but can't decide on a theme. Dragons are powerful and magestic, both fierce enemies and powerful protectors.

How To Train Your Dragon Twin Sheet Set
How To Train Your Dragon Twin Sheet Set

This is a great option for kids!


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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 

      4 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      I love dragons :). Really like that dragon table with him presenting.

    • Stephanie36 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Canada

      @aesta1: I will have to look into that--thanks!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      A lacquer box with a dragon on it.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      5 years ago

      Train your dragon is a BRILLIANT film. I have watched it with one of my granddaughters countless times. It's interesting and colourful enough to keep a child's attention and as you say, it has great depth.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Do like those dragon lamps! I've always liked dragons.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is a fun lens with great info.

    • MusicMadness LM profile image

      MusicMadness LM 

      5 years ago

      I've been a big dragon fan ever since I read Anne Maccaffreys Dragon Riders of Pern series. I'm sure you've read it, based on your passion about dragons.


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