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Easter Egg Decorating

Updated on August 29, 2017

The Easter Egg Decorating Resource!

As everyone knows, Easter is all about eggs. Whether that be Chocolate and candy eggs, polished wooden eggs or highly decorated and incredible detailed ornaments.

Decorated, hand painted easter eggs, dyed and adorned, covered in glitter or part of a larger easter home decorating scheme, creating your own decorative easter eggs, for yourself, or to give as a gift is fun and rewarding.

Image from Flickr - Bright Easter Eggs by Molly Stevens

Egg Dyeing - Recipe & Instructions - Use readily available and simple ingredients to make fantastic colored eggs!

Naturally Dyed Eggs by Somewhereintheworldtoday
Naturally Dyed Eggs by Somewhereintheworldtoday

Image from Flickr - Naturally Dyed Eggs by Somewhereintheworldtoday

Kitchen Cupboard Egg Dyeing

You don't need to buy an egg coloring, decorating or dye kit, simply open the cupboard and you'll probably find all you need.


10 Drops of Food Coloring

1 Teaspoon of white vinegar

Hot Water

Mix the ingredients in a cup or glass large enough for an egg to be submerged into it, so generally speaking only fill the cup half full.

Leave the egg in the dye mixture for several minutes, then remove the egg with a spoon and place in a plastic egg carton, egg cup or similar to dry.

Use wax, crayons or even a white candle to reduce or even completely stop the dye marking the egg, if you do this on top of one colour you can build up some lovely patterns and effects, just remember to start with a lighter color and work up to darker colors.

Natural Dyes to color eggs

By using vegetables, spices and other store cupboard items you can create all sorts of magical colors and effects, below is a list of possible dye sources, feel free to experiment and add your own to the comments below, remember though to only use things that are edible if you are going to use it on boiled eggs for eating!

Simply add your eggs (white works best) to a pan of cold water, along with a teaspoon or two of vinegar, and the dyeing ingredients of your choice (why not experiment with various combinations?) and boil for fifteen minutes, then remove the eggs and leave to dry.

Onion skins = oranges and yellows

Red cabbage = blues

Beetroot = browns and purples

Spinach = pale green

Carrots = yellow

Blueberries = rich dark blue

Raspberries = light pink

Blackberries = plum

Coffee = chocolate brown

Black tea = Red tan

Cinnamon = pale teak

Paprika = orange

Turmeric bright orange

Easter Eggs by Avelino Maestas
Easter Eggs by Avelino Maestas

Image from Flickr - Easter Eggs by Avelino Maestas

Are you just exploring this fascinating annual tradition or do you have many years of practive, prehaps even with some experience of one of the Slavic traditions?

Are you new to Egg Decorating?

See results

Ukrainian PYSANKY: An Eight Step Process

Eggs as Decoration or to Eat?

What sort of Egg Decorating do you prefer? Those that are arranged beautifully as Easter Decor, or Eggs you can enjoy looking at and brighten up your fridge but are just as great to eat?

Which kind of egg decorating do you like?

How to blow an egg

I've never used a drill personally, but you would get a really neat hole, so if you have one to hand why not?


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