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Easter Pop Up Cards

Updated on June 21, 2014

Easter Pop-Up Cards to Make and Buy

Celebrate Easter in style by giving one of these clever pop up Easter cards. They could even be given in lieu of Easter eggs (to adults at least) - a much healthier option, which will bring as much delight as a sweet treat.

I am giving you a couple of options on this page - you can either buy some ready-made cards or make your own. Some of the handmade cards will be easy enough for children to make, and some are a little more complicated. Some require colored paper to make and some are printable - simply use your printer to print them out.

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Easter Pop Up Cards to Make Yourself

Easter Lilies and Cross

Printable Giant Easel Tableau 3D Card Kit


" <="" span="">Easter Lilies and Cross
This lovely card features a cross and beautiful lilies. The lilies stand out on the base giving it a 3-D look. There is a selection of sentiments which can be attached to this card, including Easter Blessings and With Love.

Spring Has Sprung

Printable Kit


" <="" span="">Spring Has Sprung
Celebrate Spring with this Easter card in muted colors featuring a profusion of flowers collected in watering cans, baskets, and pots, a couple of cute ducks and rabbits.

This kit includes the internal (popup) sheet, the external (cover) sheet, an internal border, a couple of decoupage sheets for making the elements more three dimensional, and an instruction sheet.

Everything Easter

Printable Kit


" <="" span="">Everything Easter
This printable kit makes a freestanding 3-D pop up card which folds flat for posting with the feature on the outside rather than on the inside. It features an Easter cross, a hatching chicken, spring flowers, a cute rabbit, and Easter eggs.

The kit includes the card base, decoupage elements and a detailed instruction page.

eggs-specially for you

chicks and tulips

chick hatching

Easter chick

bunny and basket

spring is here

Free Printable Easter Popup Greeting Cards

The empty cross on Easter morning

Jesus is risen

Easter bunny, eggs and chicks to color, cut and create

Disney's Thumper with a basket of Easter eggs

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More Printable Easter Cards

Printable Easter Cards

This Easter , as you decide on which Easter cards to send to your family and friends, why not consider making your own. These printable Easter cards will provide...

Pretty Spring Tulips Video Tutorial

This pop up card is easy enough for a child to make. It is just made out of different colored construction paper.

Chicken in an Egg Popup Video Tutorial

Use different colored cards to make this easy Easter card. When you open the two sides of the card, the egg cracks to reveal a chick inside.

Rabbit and Egg Video Tutorial

This card is too complicated for young children as it involves intricate cutting with a craft knife. The template for this design is found here.

Ready-Made Easter Pop Up Cards

Cute Easter Pop-Up Cards to Buy


These brightly colored cards are bound to be a favorite this Easter. They feature flowers, chicks, Easter eggs, rabbits, and an ambitious caterpillar ... or is it a centipede?

hatchling chick

Flowerpot rabbit

bunny and flowers

garden chicks

Do you give cards at Easter time?

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