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Elf on the Shelf DVD and Blu Ray

Updated on April 6, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: "An Elf's Story" DVD Now Available

My kids think that all movies must have toys associated with them, and all toys must have movies associated with them. So they and thousands of other kids undoubtedly will be excited to discover Elf on the Shelf, the popular Christmas toy and book, now has a movie.

"Elf on the Shelf: An Elf's Story" first aired in November 2011 on CBS, and is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The movie tells the tale of Chippey the magic Christmas elf.

(Image of An Elf's Story DVD cover provided by amazon)

Elf on the Shelf DVD Gift Set - Elf on the Shelf: An Elf's Story DVD Comes with Extra Gifts

"The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf's Story" is about the adventures of Chippey, who is one of Santa's scout elves. His job is to observe the children he's been assigned to and let Santa know if they've been naughty or nice. Chippey is assigned to a boy named Taylor McTuttle. According to the CBS press release, Taylor "struggles to believe in the magic of Christmas." So Chippey not only has to observe Taylor and report back to Santa Claus, but it becomes his job to restore Taylo'rs faith in Christmas magic, too.

An Elf's Story DVD with Elf on the Shelf Figurine in Velvet Pouch Gift Set * BEST SELLER *
An Elf's Story DVD with Elf on the Shelf Figurine in Velvet Pouch Gift Set * BEST SELLER *

Product features:-

- Pre-orders will ship November 26, 2011

- Comes with 3" Inch Ceramic Elf on the Shelf Figurine with Velvet Pouch

- Includes bonus Make-Your-Own-Elf ornament craft


Elf on the Shelf DVD

is now available

Elf on the Shelf DVD Trailer - Get a sneak peek at "Elf on the Shelf: An Elf's Story"

What's a Christmas Shelf Elf? - A fun tradition for kids

If you're not already familiar with the Elf on the Shelf tradition, it's a wonderfully fun Christmas concept for kids. The tradition is based on the book "Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition." The book explains how each year Santa sends scout elves after Thanksgiving to stay with a family until Christmas. During the day, they look like stuffed toys. But at night, they come alive and return to the North Pole to report to Santa whether the kids in the house have been naughty or nice. When they come back from the Pole, they often land in a very different place than where they were last seen before the kids went to bed, so it's a treasure hunt every day to find your elf. Kids love it! (And parents just need to remember to move the elf every night! Some of us have been known to forget, and I can tell you from personal experience that this causes chaos!)

If you don't already have the book and an elf, take a look at these options. Elves are available in both male and females versions and with different skin tones and eye colors.

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