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Fairy Tail Cosplay & Costumes

Updated on August 31, 2017

Fairy Tail, Aye!

Fairy Tail is fast becoming one of the most popular anime (and manga)! Cosplayers love it! There are so many different great characters and some of them like Erza even have more than one look!

Check out some Fairy Tail Cosplay photos, get inspired to create your own unique costume, or order lincesed cosplay costumes of some of the most popular characters.

My first ever encounter with anime style animation was Dragon Ball but I never did enjoy it that much when I was a kid. So animes were put on the side as far as I was concerned but when I was a teen anime movie Princess Mononoke was released and I had the privilege to see it. And from that day one my love for anime only grew stronger. Fairy Tail is at the moment on top of my list (well taking second place after Death Note) and I enjoy each episode and eagerly wait for the next one to be released.


Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet Cosplay - Your favourite red head

Erza is awesome! There's no arguing about that! She's an interesting wizard in my opinion and I wouldn't mind having her magic - instantly changing clothes, I mean armor. I do love her, she surely can kick a... I wasn't a fan at the beginning as I considered Erza to be quite cold and without character but I love how her character is evolving from the cold heart to one of the most sensual and emotional characters in the show.

Erza in Purgatory Armor

Erza in her "Heaven Wheel" armor

Erza in Robe of Yuen

Japanese Cloth

Flight Armor


Photo:CC CC CC

Buy your Erza costume

There are many armors for Erza already available - I think the Fight Robe and Everyday Armor are by far the most popular but there are others available to.

Fairy Tail Temporary Tattoos

Join the Fairy Tail guild with their emblem.

Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Cosplay

Salamander, Fire Dragon Slayer

Natsu is a fire dragon slayer, a member of Fairy Tail guild and one of the main protagonists in the series, well at least in the beginning, later on I guess the main role belongs to a bung of Fairy Tail wizards. I really like his character, hot headed (as a fire person should be), impulsive, fun... This character makes sure you will be laughing a lot, and admiring his power naturally.

Team Natsu

Natsu and Erza

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Relaxing

Double Natsu

Natsu and Lucy




Aye! I love Happy. I think he's one of the best character in the series as he constantly provides comical relief.

Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay - The blonde girl

Lucy in my opinion has the potential to become the strongest wizard of them all. I really like her celestial magic and I wouldn't say no to a key or two. God knows I could do with a Virgo to do a choir or two for me and Leo...

Lucy, Juvia and Erza

Lucy, Erza and Happy

Lucy Hearfilia



Natsu and Lucy


Fairy Tail Gray Fulbuster Cosplay

I get the chills

When it comes to anime I have to say I am a fan of cold characters, you know the types that are a bit distant, more serious yet powerful. In one word Gray.

Gray Ice Shell

Gray and Erza

Gray and Juvia


Natsu vs Gray

Who do you like better? Who is stronger?


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