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Think Outside The Gift Box: Original Work

Updated on March 8, 2015

Your gifts were given to you to share with the world~

Gifts are much more than something you can touch. A gift can be something you made or something intangible like sharing wisdom through advice or telling a bedtime story to a child or sick person. Sharing stories is a way to teach, learn and stay connected with the world and ourselves. There are many mediums in which to tell a tale: drawing, singing, writing, acting, dancing, painting, filming, decorating, cooking, fashion or just a good old fashioned heart to heart. We tell stories all day long through how we choose to dress, eat, treat others and how we choose to live. Every persons journey is different and equally important. No cookie cutters here! Try everything that piques your interest. You will likely know what your gift is when time goes by fast and you're in the moment when you're doing it. That gift was given to you, but it isn't for you. Your gift is for you to give to anyone you care to share it with.

SHAY: My Late, Beloved Dogbaby

SHAY: My Late, Beloved Dogbaby
SHAY: My Late, Beloved Dogbaby

Inspiration~ - It comes from many places.

"Trust The Story"
"Trust The Story"

We've all heard the expression "Art imitates life". We create from what we know or think is true. Sometimes we characterize people around us or let our homes and communities be the setting for tales we tell through many mediums. We can even turn a small inanimate object into a magical piece of art. Art, Like friends, can make us feel better in times of celebration and sadness.

I sat before a blank canvas one cold day fall day. I was thinking of the many challenges I had navigated through. I had sailed the seas like the "Mistress of Mercurial Waters" in one of my charcoal drawings. I was remembering a conversation I'd had with a friend who has also faced great adversity. She told me what someone once shared with her. "Trust The Story". That instantly had a calming effect on me. It transported me to many still places inside my mind's eye. The picture that kept coming up was of a still, snow-covered forest with naked tree branches dusted with powder. A serene place so quiet that if the windswept, you'd hear the icicles tinkling like wind chimes.

SO, I finally started to paint. I went back to that pristine cathedral of nature and tried my best to put it on canvas. I was there, and then, someone I missed magically showed up in disguise!

There is not a day that goes by that I don't remember my beloved dog that passed away a while ago. The word "pet" just doesn't quite describe our relationship; she will always be family to me. I began to paint a white wolf. Maybe that was supposed to represent her in ghost form. Then, I put a figure cloaked in a red, hooded coat walking alongside. Maybe that represented my eternal love for her. I used to get sad when I found her hairs. Now, I choose to smile. I'd like to think she wants me to find each one at those exact moments as if it's her way of saying, "I still love ya mom."

I remembered my friend's kind words when I finished that painting. My thoughts turned, again, to life in general. Life is often surreal with its challenges. We may not get the best set of cards to play with, but, we can be creative. Sometimes when we lose...maybe that's just the universe saying I have more in store for you.

I named that painting "Trust The Story". I emailed my friend afterwards and attached a picture of the artwork and the title for her. She wrote back, "You remembered!"


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