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Family Christmas Holiday Traditions

Updated on February 12, 2019
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My name is Jolene Belmain, and I love my family, including my fur babies, and cooking.

Christmas Traditions

Traditions effect us all. It doesn't matter if you celebrate Christmas through Christianity, Hanukkah (the festival of lights), Kwanzaa, Krishna, or any of the other many religions out there... even if you do not celebrate any holiday at all... we all have traditions for this time of year.

My family has always celebrated Christmas loudly and proudly, with everyone coming together and lending a hand in anything that needs it. We rarely have to ask for help because we just know when something needs doing, and we jump in and do it. The holiday season is such a special time of year for family and friends, and the spirit of giving. Always wanting to put a big smile on someones face and in their heart so you can feel the gratification that is the true meaning of Christmas.

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Something New

It's never a bad thing to start a new tradition. As families grow in age and size, they start having their own dinners and Christmas traditions... some will pass down and some will become their own.

Last year I hid a present within the tree but never told anybody about it... then after all of the presents were opened, I revealed that I had hidden one within the tree somewhere and it was up to that person to find it. I also did that this year, only there are more people involved in my little scheme hehehe! This year I did something new though, and I actually wrapped one of the presents. Last year, the one I hid was open and just within the tree and decorations, which made it extremely hard to locate. I have a very strong feeling this will become something that will be happening every year... and I know it'll kick me in the butt when it comes back to me.....Oh the joys of Christmas :)

Did you see the hidden present in the tree?

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Mother Natures way of tree decorating

Mother Natures way of tree decorating
Mother Natures way of tree decorating

Our First Tradition

The very first tradition at our home, is putting up our tree and decorating the house. We try to have it done by the first week of December, sometimes at the end of November if I can get away with it.

Dad and I will string up the lights together. Then I will pick one of the kids to be my special helper for the garland. They will hold the tree garland, and follow me around the tree, as I place it. Then we all have a hand in putting up all of the beautiful Christmas ornaments we have been gathering for years. We have the glass ones that were purchased from the store and of course also the wonderful ones that our children have made throughout the years.

We ALWAYS play Christmas music and sing while we decorate our tree. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of those events that I look forward to every single year.

A Children's Winter Wonderland

Do you celebrate Christmas?

Do you celebrate Christmas?

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An Unspoken Tradition

I remember sitting beside the window when I was a little girl, thinking that I would go through an entire winter without having the joy of being able to go out and play in the snow. I drove my mom absolutely nuts asking her when it was supposed to snow, when it was going to snow, and if it was ever going to snow.

Not to mention how much I complained about how unfair it was that there was no snow at all yet that season. I had the biggest, saddest puppy dog eyes when I looked at her and was asking these questions (I think that my looking so darned cute is the only way I survived being such an annoyance on the issue that season).

The very first day of snow is always an exciting one for all children who live in a part of the world where snow is the staple of winter:

Being able to build a snowman, picking just the right carrot for his nose, and the joy of being able to add last years scarf and toque that are just a tad to small onto the new creation.

Laying on the ground and making that perfect snow angel as they stick out their tongue to catch the delicious flakes that happen upon it.

A fort, far better than last years, to hide behind as they battle by throwing snowballs back and forth.

Who can be the fastest this year, as they speed down the best snow hill around town on their crazy carpets, sleds and GT Snow Racers.

Driving to your favourite ski hill to catch that first powder, or freshly groomed, black diamond run. Testing your time and endurance as you fly over the moguls.

Traditions like these don't need a religious background of any kind and they vary just as much as the personalities of those who enjoy doing them. Let's not forget about that nice mug of hot chocolate when we come back inside from the cold, and how it warms our tummy's so.

Even the furry kids love the snow

Do you get snow for Christmas?

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An Early Christmas Gift

After endless days of me asking if I could open a present early, the time had finally come... Christmas Eve was finally here. Every Christmas Eve I always got to open one present. My mom would pull out 2 or 3 of them and let me pick which one I wanted to open. Waiting for Christmas Eve was almost as exciting as Christmas Day itself.

I have continued this tradition with my kids, since I loved it so much. My kids sure don't ask nearly as much as I did about opening one early though (I was a real stinker). They are happy enough with knowing that they get to open one early.

Do you ever open gifts early?

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Don't forget the mistletoe
Don't forget the mistletoe

The Night Before Christmas

Once the Eve of Christmas is upon us, we've seen Santa drive by on the fire truck, and the kids have all been bathed and are ready for bed... our family loves to read The Night Before Christmas. This book gets brought out every Christmas holiday for one night of the year.

We have the lights on the tree glowing in front of us as we all sit on the couch. It's a great way to calm the kids for a nice and easy (or as easy as it can be) bedtime before Christmas.

After the kids have gone to bed, the adults sit back, enjoy a nice rum and eggnog and watch It's a Wonderful Life.

Lasso The Moon

Our top Christmas movies every year!

Other than "It's a Wonderful Life", there are MANY more Christmas movies that are enjoyed around our home. I would have to say that the main staples and most frequently watched ones are: The Polar Express, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and the Disney Christmas Classics.

Does your family read or watch a special Christmas story?

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Beautiful scenery

What is the meaning of Christmas to you?

What is the meaning of Christmas to you?

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© 2011 JoleneBelmain


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