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Felted Items as Gifts

Updated on October 25, 2012

Felted Items are Unique Gifts for Christmas or any Special Occasion

Hopefully this will send you on a search locally or online for awesome unique handmade FELTED*

I have been designing handmade purses, phone cases, iPad and Kindle cases and felted hats for about 4 years now. I've sold over 50 styles of bags and cases and written patterns for a few of my more popular items. If you like traveling to art fairs or holiday art and craft fairs, or if you have any local fiber arts shows these are the events that will have some fiber artists selling their fine crafts. You can check at your local yarn shop for events to find local designer artist to buy direct or Etsy has a wonderful collection of fiber artists who sell their items at

I have an Etsy shop, BigSis2, where I sell many of my items. I usually do not have a large selection since each item is unique and made in between my other life responsibilities.

*Felted items come in all shapes and sizes. Actually, technically, my items are called "fulled." Because they are knit or crocheted first, then "felted" or "fulled" in a washing process. The technical felting process is one of using wool roving that hasn't been spun into yarn yet and processing the colors of wool into shapes like hats, purses, electronics cases, etc.

The photo is one of my favorite early bags that I made for my sister. We named it Candy Corn, it was so perfect for the Fall season.

I've Fascinated with Sarah Oliver Bags - She calles her knitters PURLETTES

Here is a video about her work and helpers, watch the video to see what she means by Plus One.

Sarah Oliver Handbags

Here is a link to THE KNITTERS

Finding Felted Items for Gifts

If you want to hit the holiday arts and crafts fairs in your area, one of the most common ways to advertise is flyers. You will find flyers in many locations that tell you the date and time, and sometimes a web page will be listed along with the vendors who are participating.

Arts and Crafts stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabrics, "G" Street Fabrics, etc. will often gladly post craft fair posters.

Flyers will be on the counter at craft stores and yarn shops.

If you have a local art studio with classes they will know of events that are coming up.

The local newspaper usually does a special edition about October or November listing holiday craft fairs that are in the works.

Schools and churches will usually do craft fairs and a lot of fiber artists will participate by setting up their wares.

This is a picture of the art fair where I gifted my "Candy Corn" purse to my sister. Most of the other items in the photo sold that day. It wasn't just an art fair, I also met some ladies who invited me to teach my technique at a ladies retreat, and other ladies who hooked my sister and I up with other great arts and craft fairs in the area. Very productive time. We had a lousy corner at this art fair for our vendor booth, but made the best of it and made many sales.

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver

A Neck Gator is Knit (One Long Rectangle Shorter Than a Scarf) - Once it is felted and embellished it is a stylish additonal layer for those cold windy days.

Etsy is a Popular Place for Handmade Felted Items - I've had a store on Etsy since 2008

I have sold many felted items since 2008. Mostly purses, cell phone cases, Kindle and iPad cases and some felted hats.

I haven't sold a large amount of these items on Etsy, because of the nature of my craft. I only have the Fall season to make the items, and in the Fall I try to participate in as many local art and craft fairs as possible, so Etsy usually gets my leftovers.

But there are so many artists on Etsy that sell fine wool knit or crochet felted items. I highly suggest you go check out their beautiful items, and mine if you like, I'm BigSis2 on Etsy. Use search terms like felted purse, felted handbag, knit felt purse, felted iPhone case, wool purse, and search under handmade to narrow down the search.

The computer case in the photo had a Southwest theme, with a thick dense wool. I left the opening at the top and used a tab to button close with a wooden toggle button. It held a standard size laptop. These sleeves are being made by a variety of fiber artists now.

Find Knit Felted Items on Amazon - Even Kits that Teach You to Make Your Own Gift

Yes - I Make Custom Knit Felt Bags

You can order one through my Etsy Store

My Etsy Store is BigSis2

I have a Custom Purse Order Form on my home page.

Contact Me to order a purse, allowing 3 weeks for design and shipping in the USA. Will negotiate for shipping outside the US.

Do You Shop Arts and Craft Fairs for Special Gift Items?

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