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Festive Christmas Lights

Updated on October 23, 2011

Festive Christmas Lights!

You might not want this many festive christmas lights, but just a few strings of bright christmas lights will really warm up your home for the festive season!
You might not want this many festive christmas lights, but just a few strings of bright christmas lights will really warm up your home for the festive season!

Introduction to Festive Christmas Lights

Christmas is celebrated around the world every single year, and around that time the world becomes a much more beautiful place. In nearly every country you will see beautiful warm Christmas lights strung up in trees, around houses, and even down the street. Finding the perfect festive Christmas lights for your home is always easy, with hundreds of styles, colors, and shapes to choose from!

When it comes to the Christmas season nothing helps bring together that warm family atmosphere than some festive Christmas decorations around your home!

You can get all kinds of festive Christmas lights, whether you want outdoor Christmas lights, indoor Christmas lights, or Christmas tree lights!

LED vs Bulb Festive Christmas Lights

In recent years LED Christmas lights have become extremely popular. There is little surprise here, LED Christmas lights use less power, last longer and are brighter. However many people looking for festive Christmas lights do not like the harsh bright glare of LED Christmas lights.

Original bulb Christmas lights give off a much softer, warmer glow. This looks much more inviting than the brighter LED Christmas lights. For this reason I always suggest that people buy bulb based festive Christmas lights for the perfect Christmas decorations!

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Nothing shouts Christmas quite like driving down the street and seeing houses decorated in festive Christmas lights. When you go down a street which has been well decorated, you instantly get the warm Christmas feeling which suggests huge meals, presents, brandy, chocolate and a roaring fire in your very near future.

Outdoor Christmas lights are a great way to help spread a little bit of Christmas cheer around your neighbourhood. When you have a well decorated town you can feel proud that not only do you feel more festive, but everyone who passes through will think about how beautiful your town looks with it's festive outdoor Christmas lights!

Outdoor Christmas lights come in several shapes, and are generally multicolored and will help make your house look jolly and Christmas-ready! Remember that you can easily use outdoor lights all year round to give your home a more festive feel 365 days a year!

If you feel like spreading some Christmas cheer this December, then you can not do better than some bright and festive outdoor Christmas lights!

Indoor Christmas Lights

When it comes to Christmas you want your home to be bright, warm and welcoming. Nothing does that quite like some festive Christmas lights hung around your home. You can do a lot with indoor Christmas lights, whether you wrap them around a banister, or hang them across a ceiling!

Indoor Christmas lights also come in a wide variety of shapes an colors, and you can usually find ones which can even give you a little indoor light show!

Indoor Christmas lights are pretty cheap, especially when compared with outdoor Christmas lights which need to be waterproof. But lighting up your home too much can be a little costly in electricity.  Some people try to balance the soft light of traditional Christmas lightswith cheaper, brighter LED Christmas lights.

Festive Christmas Tree Lights

When it comes to festive Christmas lights inside your house, the central focal point of your indoor Christmas lights will always be on your Christmas tree. Christmas tree lights provide you with a real Christmas feel in your home.

A Christmas tree just doesn't look the same without some twinkling festive Christmas lights to brighten it up. Threading some festive Christmas tree lights through the tinsel and festive Christmas decorations can really brighten up a tree and give you the festive christmas atmosphere that your home deserves during the holidays.

Christmas tree lights are generally the same as indoor christmas lights. However with the foilage and decorations on a Christmas tree, you will quickly find that you can use much more creative shapes and designs of indoor lights on your Christmas tree to add a little depth, without looking overly tacky.

Personally I prefer traditional Chirstmas lights rather than LED lights on my Christmas Tree, the softer light looks much better in my opinion. However I do like my tree to be warm and homely, if you like a Christmas tree to stand out, LED Christmas lights may be a better choice!

Fibre Optic Christmas Lights

it's always good to place a little something different in your Christmas decorations. Fibre optic Christmas lights can give a fusion of changing lights and flowing colors which give a unique look to your Christmas decorations.

Fibre optic Christmas lights come in a number of forms, from simple strings of lights, to fibre optic Christmas trees! The wide variety and beautiful changing colors of fibre optic Christmas lights makes them an ideal way to add soothing color changing lighting around your home during Christmas.

While too much fibre optic Christmas decorations can look a little tacky, aving a little bit of fibre optic christmas lights hung around the home can definitely improve your Christmas decorations!

LED Christmas Lights

If you are looking for the perfect festive Christmas lights then LED Christmas lights might look a little too strong and bright. Despite this there are some displays where the extra light from the LED Christmas lights come in useful.

LED Christmas lights have some pretty good benefits. They last much longer, use very little power and are very durable (For those with young children worried about broken glass!). Most LED lights use a durable plastic layer rather than the tradition glass, making them ultra safe Christmas lights for those with children.

LED Christmas lights also have the huge benefit of not only being brighter, but also consuming much less power than traditional Christmas lights. If you are on a budget this Christmas then LED lights are not only cheaper to buy, but they are also cheaper to run, helping save on that expensive electricity bill which can often come about during Christmas.

While they don't have the same soft welcoming look of normal bulb based festive Christmas lights the benefits do sometimes come in handy.

Choosing the Right Festive Christmas Lights

It is not always easy to choose the perfect festive Christmas lights for your home.  However with thousands of choices in shapes and styles out there, you can easily find the perfect Christmas light look for your home. 

Whether you want bright and showy, or warm and inviting, there is a vast amount of choice out there.  With a little thought and effort you can quickly turn even the blandest of homes in to a festive paradise!


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