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Fisher-Price Toys that I and My Kids Enjoyed

Updated on April 19, 2016

Toys toys everywhere. Who is going to be cleaning this mess up? Famous last words spoken by many parents throughout the world. And if I am not mistaken by many parents throughout history as well. It is amazing how just one toy can be in so many places at what seams the same time. I know that the four toys that I am sharing here have all gone through this. That's right the ability to be in the way or the last place you could find them.


Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Classic Xylophon

With me this was a musical instrument. Long before the trombone made its way into my life. I had this little piece of music on wheels. Yeah my music was mobile. unlike the marching band that was yet to come. This was something I wanted to do. Pull the music around with me. Be able to play it anywhere I wanted to. Hay a predecessor to the walk-man.. Music on the go. I never claimed to play well. But there was nothing that could make me stop if I was enjoying the music. OK bed time was a stopper. Sometimes food but that was rare indeed. Music won out over food. And to be honest it still does to this day.

Here is a question for the older crowd. How many of you remember one of these played in the movie ""Close encounters of the Third Kind"?. I do but I couldn't find a clip to share it. Looks like you will just have to pull out the VHS and watch it again.

I know I have also played with my won kids with one of these. OK so it was at my parents house and it was the same one I had played with as a kid. Its amazing how many things the grandparent still have from our child hoods. Just sitting, waiting for our kids to rediscover when they visit. In fact three of the four toys on this review were ones that I had as a kid. They are also played with by my kids. The fun part is that they are the exact same toys. To me that says that the Fisher-Price toys are something designed to last, and ours have lasted now for two generations. Will it be a third? That's up to the kids to decide. But at this point I am willing to wait and find out.

The other toys the kids and I have played with. Not usually at the same time though. Remember I too was a child at one point. And because of that most of these toys are what we both played with.


Fisher-Price See 'n Say The Farmer Says

The See 'n Say. To be honest I almost had to flip a coin to decide if this was going to get top billing. It was a close race but this would have to be the second in my list. Sorry to all the animals that are here. I do remember playing with this just to hear the same sounds over and over and over again. Almost to the point of my mom taking it away because she was getting tired of hearing the same animal many times. I know my kids did not ever go for one animal though. If they did I would have had them go visit with grandma. My kids seamed to just listen to whatever animal the dial landed on. With most kids they will make the sound of the animal chosen. It was the same with my kids. Me I just tended to listen. Looking back do you remember what you would do?


Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

The corn popper. I remember this one as I was young. I tended to have it go back and fort to make the noises. For me this was not a toy that went around the house. For my kids it was. From room to room they went. Circling the dining room table. Over and over. Having the cats on the table watching them as if they were circling just to go after those cats. The only thing they didn't do was go up and down the stairs. For that I am surprised. The chance to run it along the walls. OK so sometimes dad has a bit more of an imagination then the kids.

This is the newer version


Fisher-Price Rock, Roll 'n Ride Trike

OK so the last one on this list I did not have as a kid. But my youngest did. We did spend hours with this together. Starting as a rocking chair and all the way up to him riding by himself. When he out grew it we were able to pass it on to another family that could use with their kids. Now look down to the next section there is a video that describes how this toy and can help as your child grows up.

And now for your viewing pleasure- A little something on each of the Fisher-Price Toys listed above.

So which one is at the top of your wish list?

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You can still be a kid at heart while looking at these "learning" toys. But sorry you may have to be a bit grown up and please leave a comment.

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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      I still think that corn popper push toy is cool. The sound it makes isn't annoying and it reminds me of that popcorn song.