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Five Gift Ideas for Dads

Updated on January 4, 2012

Dads can only use so many neckties. Really. Here’s a list of affordable gift suggestions for dads of most varieties.

1. A Book or Audiobook: If Dad has a special interest like Bob Dylan or gardening or theology, ask your local bookseller for good books about that topic. Otherwise,consider giving one or two of this year’s top sellers, such as the biographies of Steve Jobs and Kurt Vonnegut or the latest John Grisham novel, The Litigators.

2. A Magazine Subscription: If Dad doesn’t quite have the attention span for a novel, get him a subscription to Golf Digest, National Geographic, US News or another magazine. Also give him a current copy of the magazine so he's not just holding a piece of paper.

3. Music: Make Dad a mix CD (unless it’s illegal, in which case I didn’t suggest it). Make it extra-special by including a wav file that you made yourself! You can become Dad's personal DJ.

If you have cash to spare, give him a combination of his old standbys and music that’s new to him. I just taught my dad about some great Stevie Wonder music including Inner Visions and Talking Book. AMAZING.

4. A Messenger Bag: Trick your dad into being hip with a messenger bag. You can find athletic canvas messenger bags, conservative-looking leather messenger bags and lots of other “man bag” styles.

5. A Hobby Item: Buy a gift that supports one of Dad’s hobbies or kick-starts a hobby that he’s talked about for years. If he likes golf, it’s as easy as buying Pro V1 golf balls and/or a stylish golf shirt. If he tinkers in the garage, get him some tools or a sleek red toolbox to organize hinges, screws and other hardware. Or maybe help him get into painting, drawing or photography by buying the necessary supplies. You can help teach an old dog new tricks ;-).


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    • ShopOnline21 profile image

      ShopOnline21 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I would choose a cd of his fave artist.