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Five Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Men

Updated on November 7, 2012

Finding Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Men: Useful and Small Gift Ideas

We spend so much time dealing with our kids' Christmas gifts sometimes that finding great gifts for husbands and dads can be a challenge. It's tough to find quality items that don't seem like wasted money, and yet it's easy to return to some of the same old things because we are so pressed for time.

I like to put useful things in my hubby's stocking, and though sometimes there are repeats of previous years' choices, I don't mind that repetition if I'm sure it's something he will truly use. Additionally, though, I try to find unique things that are a bit off the beaten path. The goodies here are great because they are useful. Most men will find reason to use these. Some may be in use decades from now. They aren't wow gifts, by any means, but they are quality gifts.

Top Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Men: Maglite Flashlights

I love Maglite Flashlights and so does my husband. A new Maglite is always great for his stocking. There are so many sizes that are available, and there are great colors. This means that you can color coordinate to your heart's content. These lights are durable and they provide excellent illumination for a variety of situations. You can select one of the big D battery versions or a mini version that uses AA batteries. My husband keeps these everywhere. One in each vehicle. A large and a mini Maglite on his nightstand. Extras in the kitchen. I prefer these to most cheap flashlights. They also work well in older kids' stockings.

Maglite Mini Incandescent 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster, Blue
Maglite Mini Incandescent 2-Cell AA Flashlight with Holster, Blue

You can fill his stocking with various Maglite sizes or strictly select one size in varied colors. You'll find that besides being great as a stocking filler, this is a good addition to a new tackle box or tool box.


Check out more Maglite models and colors here:

Precision Screwdriver Set - More useful stocking stuffer gifts for him

My husband received a set like this when we were first married, and he still raves about this gift today. Whether you need something for removing tiny screws in electronics or for tightening the screws in your glasses, these tiny tools are excellent. Most such sets are perfectly sized for stockings, and pricing is great too. You can give him a couple of sets if he likes having useful tools in his vehicle for on the go use.

Pocket Screwdriver: Excellent Stocking Stuffer Idea for Men

I stumbled across these at my local feed store. It was cheap, and I had no problem picking up a couple for his stocking that Christmas. One stays in the house near his other small screwdrivers. The other is in his vehicle for on the go use. The interchangeable heads make this a versatile screwdriver. The size is comparable to a pen or pencil, making it easy to store in a glove box.

Leatherman Multitool: One of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Him EVER!

My husband bought a Leatherman for my 16 year old son's birthday. My husband received his multitool when that son was a baby. In fact, hubby's Leatherman say "Patent Pending". He has used that device in so many settings that it's well worth the original cost. He loves his tool! Whether you are shopping for a guy who is handy or a guy who occasionally needs a tool but isn't really into home maintenance and repairs, the Leatherman provides lots of options in one simple device. This is an excellent device and quality is fantastic. Your handyman guy will rave about it if he doesn't already own one.

Additional Leatherman Stocking Stuffer Options for Men

Fisher Space Pen: Excellent for Keeping Him Supplied with a Pen that Works Wonderfully

My husband's first Fisher Space Pen was a groomsman's gift, and it lasted him for nearly a decade before we ordered a new one. You do need to replace the cartridge periodically. We order about one cartridge per year. The pen writes upside down. It goes through the wash periodically, forgotten in the jeans pocket. Last year, I picked these out as Christmas gifts for my husband's colleagues at work. They loved them. This is a nice gift for guys in general, especially in business capacities. However, if you need a great stocking filler, this is excellent for its usefulness and versatility.

Did you find a great stocking filler for your guy?

Which stocking stuffers for men do you like best?

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