30 Days of Thanks

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    Rebekah-Kateposted 4 years ago

    Day 2- November 2, 2013
    Today I am thankful for my education. My mom homeschooled me from 1st grade until I graduated. My mom was an incredible teacher! She IS the smartest woman I know! Not only did she homeschool me but she also homeschooled my two older sisters.  My mom is a superhero! My mom was dedicated to providing the best education possible to her girls. I am SO thankful for such a gracious woman who gave me a great education.
    My education is very important to me. I am an avid reader. My education has given me a love for reading for fun. But my education has also made it possible for me to read my Bible and understand what God has given to me, His child.
    Day 2- I am thankful for my education.

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      Beth37posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      That's so sweet. So along those lines, I'm going to remember my mentor. This woman was an amazing woman, one of my closest friends. She always said it like it was, no matter what, yet she had a lot of grace and wisdom. She died of lung cancer in Dec of 12. I want to be able to go to her for advice all the time, but I wont see her again until we're on the other side. She was 52, had 3 kids and a couple of grand kids. I'm grateful for her and the amazing legacy she left behind.

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 4 years ago

    My mentor was in her 80's when she died. She had mentored with Dr. Maria Montessori, herself. I would be nowhere if it wasn't for the teachings and wisdom of Dr. Montessori which this woman handed down to me through conversations; and to both of my children through the educational environment/school she held in her home!
    So Grateful Too