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What is the craziest or best Halloween costume that you have ever seen?

  1. K Tannahill profile image60
    K Tannahillposted 8 years ago

    What is the craziest or best Halloween costume that you have ever seen?

  2. Buzzy profile image54
    Buzzyposted 8 years ago

    The craziest costume that I ever saw, was when a group of six us dressed up as a caterpillar.  We had a sheet of plastic that was about 12' x 12'.  We had spray painted it with yellow, green and red circles and cut out holes for our heads and our hands.

    We then painted our faces green, and cut off the bottom of egg cartons, where the eggs sit, painted them green, and cut out holes for our eyes.  We attached fake eyelashes to that, and then, affixed them to our faces with false eyelash adhesive.

    We took snowmobile helmets and wrapped them in Green Foil wrap, and glued on black pipe cleaners with white ping pong balls attached.  We attached one piece of paper to the head-head, and had listed a list of drinks for us - none of them our regular drink so, that we wouldn't be recognized.

    Then, using two different cars, we headed out pub crawling.  Outside of each pub we would put on our "plastic" and head in.  We couldn't sit together, but, we just walked around. Finally, one of the inn keepers put a board over the pool table and set up some chairs, where we could all sit.

    Worst part - when, we had to use the ladies room - we all had to go to the ladies room! We all had to get in the stall either all the way or part way, and one would use the facilities and then, we would try to rotate around to get out of the stall.

    Best part - we won 2 first prizes at 2 different pubs.  It was  a great time!

  3. profile image49
    troy joseph reyesposted 8 years ago

    the craziest custome i ever saw was when a friend and i were coming out of radio city music hall after a devo concert circa 1981, a dude had his face all made up like a vampire, fangs and all which was no big deal except it seemed so real, he was holding this girl who seemed dazed,about to pass out, blood on her blouse,blood on his face, he hissed at us,i kid you not, and proceeded to accost the girl, my friend and i freaked out, ran and found a police officer, we told him what we saw and he scoffed,"you saw a real vampire,sucking some girls blood in new york on halloween,are you fucking high!?" no officer we were not, more afraid of the cop we let the matter drop, but we never forgot, we are still friends and every so often we talk about this, was it real?

  4. M. Everest profile image59
    M. Everestposted 7 years ago

    The best one I saw was "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" by two adults.  They were spectacular.

  5. michalska profile image44
    michalskaposted 7 years ago

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