How was your Christmas?

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    msLarayneposted 4 years ago

    How was your Christmas?

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    David Carlposted 4 years ago

    Christmas Poem 2013

    Jesus, Egg Rolls and Duck Dynasty
    Written by Dave Sealy

    Family was home.
    Spouse and two sons.
    One is in school.
    One is all done.

    Spouse very busy
    Making things right
    The tree is so pretty.
    The lights are just right.

    Worship completed
    On this Christmas eve.
    Carols and candles
    and scripture to read..

    The God child story
    as written of old
    Born of a virgin
    As The Bible foretold.

    Without The Christ
    The world is bleak.
    Without Jesus
    No hope could we seek.

    No holiday, no joy
    Really could be
    Without The Savior
    No Light there would be..

    A dinner from China
    Was eaten that eve.
    Lo Mien and egg rolls
    With Duck Dynasty.

    Wrapping til One
    We slept like bears
    Except our young cub
    As gifts were too near.

    The morning broke
    Snow on the ground
    The presents were cleared
    Many Thanks to be found.

    Thankful for family, home
    and Savior so near
    We hope that His presence.
    He is ever so dear.