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Free Printable Party Games for Kids and Adults

Updated on February 27, 2013

Lots of fun games for you to print for free

Looking for some free printable party games for your party! You found them! I try my best to find the best printables available on-line so you don't need to!

You will find pint the tail on the donkey, a party classic as well as fun games for kids and adults (including drinking games).

Hope you will find something you will be using at your party! If you know of any other freebie out there on the internet do let me know in the comments section bellow.

Be sure to check back as new games will be added!

Printable Pin The Tail On the Donkey Games

And many other animals and creatures

This is one of the most well known party games of all times! It is a must on any kids or adults party! It will be a hit on a theme party, office party, Christmas party, well as you might have guessed - it will be a hit everywhere!

Guests try to pin the tail (or something else) on the donkey while they are wearing a blindfold.

If you want to spice it up a bit you can spin the blindfolded person a few times to mess up his or her orientation (just keep it safe).

Free Printable Party Games for Kids

These printables are best suitable for kids. You will find a selection of games - from word searches to other fun games.

Free Printable Party Games for Adults

Fun games more suitable for adult parties, including printable drinking games.


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