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Frozen Costumes for Kids: Homemade and Store Bought

Updated on September 15, 2015

Frozen Halloween Costumes for Kids: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Hans

Your kid loves Frozen and is crazy about the characters? You've heard "Let It Go" too many times to count? The only question remaining is: which Frozen character will he or she dress up as for Halloween?

If this is you, of course you know that there are many affordable costume options that are readily available online. There are also many do-it-yourself ideas and tutorials so you can make your own. Read on to find out about both!

Elsa the Snow Queen

Elsa is the Snow Queen, the ruler of winter, and Princess Anna's older sister. She has lived most of her life in fear, but support from her sister and her own growing confidence allows her to let it go and become her true self.

Elsa sings the song "Let it Go," which is the most well-known song from the movie. She is also the most recognizable character from the film. Elsa the Snow Queen is a great costume choice for girls, since they can use the costume to conquer their own fears and be a beautiful queen at the same time.

Elsa's Costume: What You Need

Dress: It's floor-length and rather form-fitting, made of various shades of glittery, shiny, icy-looking blue. The sleeves are see-through and off-the-shoulder. A long glittering transparent cape trails the ground behind her.

Hair. Elsa's hair is long, pale, and worn in a complicated braid that falls over one shoulder. If the child's hair is long, you can do a French braid. You might also consider buying and braiding a long, blonde wig. There's a video tutorial for the braid below and you'll find many how-to videos on YouTube for Elsa's coronation hairstyle.

Embellishments: Glitter, jewels, icicles, and shining snowflakes would all be great additions to this costume!

Other ideas: At the coronation, Elsa gets a crown. You can buy one online or make your own (see video below)!

Make Your Own: Elsa's Coronation Crown

DIY Elsa Costume (If You Have Time & You're Really Crafty...)

DIY Elsa Costume (If You're In a Rush & Can Barely Sew...)

Elsa's Hairstyle

You can learn how to duplicate Elsa's hairstyle with this short video tutorial.

Disney Frozen Elsa Wig
Disney Frozen Elsa Wig

Get Elsa's hair with this long, blonde, braided wig.


Princess Anna

Anna is Elsa's younger sister and the main character in the story. Anna is a little shy and awkward, but determined to save her kingdom when it's threatened with an eternal winter. She is resourceful, intelligent, and loyal to her kingdom and its subjects. Anna also wants to be close to her sister, and uses her determination to make that possible.

Anna is one of the most popular characters from Frozen, making her a great choice for a Halloween costume. She is down-to-earth and a little bit clumsy, but that makes her a very relatable princess who can also be glamorous when she wants to be.

DIY Anna Costume

Anna's Costume: What You'll Need

Dress: The skirt is plain dark blue and a-line. Its bodice is black with embroidery and gold edging. Under that, she wears a light blue long bell-sleeved shirt with a high collar.

Cloak: It's a purple cape with dark purple embroidery along the edge.

Shoes: Dark boots. She doesn't sit around inside all day, she's busy in the snow, so she needs sensible shoes.

Hair: Anna has reddish light brown hair and wears it in two simple braids. If you want to, you can buy a wig with braids or braid a wig yourself.

Other Accessories to Consider: Purple ear muffs to match the cloak and a pair of blue woolen mittens.

Another Video Tutorial for Anna's Frozen Costume

Disney Store Exclusive Frozen Anna Boots for Girls Size 11-12
Disney Store Exclusive Frozen Anna Boots for Girls Size 11-12

Get Anna's boots from the movie to complete your costume.


Anna's Hairstyle

This video tutorial will show you how to do Anna's hairstyle from the coronation scene.


Olaf is a snowman who can walk, talk, and even sing. He is innocent, sweet, and very friendly. Olaf embodies the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa. He is created from Elsa's memories of happy times between her sister and herself.

Olaf is an adorable costume for kids, especially younger ones. It's also very easy to create.

Olaf's Costume: What You'll Need

  • Snowman suit (there are many ways to to this—see below)
  • Three black "buttons" of coal down the front
  • Three sticks of "hair"
  • A carrot nose
  • A friendly, goofy, expression!

How to Make Your Own Olaf Costume

How to Make Olaf's Costume

Dress all in white: shoes, socks or stockings, pants or skirt, tutu, shirt, etc. It doesn't really matter what it looks like, as long as it's snow white.

If you want, you could wear a white sheet gathered at the neck and the waist to give it three sections (like the three snowballs of a snowman).

If you wanted, you could wear a white sheet gathered at the neck and the waist to give it three sections (like the three snowballs of a snowman).

Three black buttons down the front. You could use fabric, paint, or even paper.

A cap or a hood with a couple twigs sticking out of it.

A carrot nose. Check the video below for a makeup tutorial.

Olaf's Makeup Video Tutorial


Kristoff is an outdoorsman, an ice harvester, and a bit of a loner. Although he is not very demonstrative, he is someone you can count on in a tight spot. Over the course of the film, he works together with Anna to rescue the kingdom and save it from an eternal winter.

Kristoff is a great Halloween costume. His outfit isn't the generic Disney prince outfit, it's based on what Northern European ice harvesters used to wear. If you're looking for a unique and inventive costume choice for your son this year, pick this costume.

Kristoff's Costume: What You'll Need

  • Grey wool cap. His has a black puffball on top.
  • Long grey vest or short sleeved long tunic with a red edging around the neck and shoulder, ideally with fur along the edges. You could probably simply use sweaters embellished with red yarn and ribbons of fake fur.
  • Grey long sleeved undershirt.
  • Baggy long grey pants.
  • Thick mittens.
  • Other things to consider: A rope, a satchel with a strap worn crosswise, and a reindeer friend!

Boots that with toes that turn up a bit.


Hans is the main villain from Frozen. As the youngest of thirteen siblings, Hans knew he would never be King of the Southern Isles, so he decides instead to marry Princess Anna and murder her sister, Elsa, in order to ascend to the throne himself.

Because Hans is the villain, it might be a bit more of a challenge to find a store-bought Hans costumes for kids. However, there are costume makers who can sew a Hans costume from scratch and tailor it to your child's proportions, or of course, you can make your own with items you probably already own!

Hans's Costume: What You'll Need

  • Hans is always wearing fancy tuxedos or suits with dramatic lapels, ascots, shiny buttons, and epaulets on the shoulders. If you have a suit, you could easily dress it up.
  • Wear a red or brightly colored ascot scarf tied at the neck, over the collar.
  • Hans has long sideburns, so consider using make-up or adhesive fakes.
  • White gloves.

Who is your favorite character from Frozen?

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Frozen Photo Gallery

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What do you think of Frozen? Which character does your child want to dress up as? Are you going to dress up as a character from Frozen yourself? Let me know in the comments below. :)

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      how do i get to the link for the hans costume?

    • Halloween Cosplay profile imageAUTHOR

      Halloween Cosplay 

      4 years ago

      @blades1: Hey blades,

      I think your best bet would be to contact someone who makes custom Halloween costumes for these characters. I have a link to someone on Amazon who makes custom Hans costumes, she may be able to make one for your four year old.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Looking for a Hanns costume for a 4 year old or a pattern to make one myself


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