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Fried Chicken ! 25 Best Fried Chicken Recipe Videos

Updated on August 4, 2013

Dedicated to My Father, Who Was Greatest Fried Chicken Lover I Have Ever Known!

Fried chicken was very important in my family, especially to my Father. We were from Ohio and I remember that we had fried chicken every Sunday.

My Mother was from Belgium so she had to learn the American ways and learned to cook it with the help of my Grandmother. I can remember the picnics and family reunions and there was always enough fried chicken for everyone, and "seconds" and "thirds" were not a problem.

This website is dedicated to my Father and his love for fried chicken. He has passed that love onto me. Below, you will find 25 unique fried chicken recipe videos to try. I learn better by watching than reading and I thought others would also. Please vote for your favorites and you can also add your own.

Have some fun, listen to some music and as my Dad would say, "Sit down and eat some chicken!"

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Chicken Fried by Zac Brown - Some Recipe Browsing Music

My Dad loved Country Music as much as he liked his Fried Chicken! He would definitely approve of this song. Turn it up and listen to the full 5 minutes, it'll make you HUUUUUNGRY!

Get the song here:

Chicken Fried

chicken leg
chicken leg

The Historical and Healthy Tour of Fried Chicken

Film at Eleven

The art of deep frying foods has been around since the middle ages and fried chicken has been around since the 18th century.

In the United States, it became popular in the South. Poultry was relatively easy to raise and were plentiful.

Fried chicken came out of the South and into the rest of the United States with the advent of fast-ffood merchandising such as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Many families eat fried chicken at least once a week but with the increase of health consciousness , there have been new ways to prepare the chicken, which in turn will lead to lowering cholesterol and heart-related illness. Some of those recipes are included below.

Fried chicken has become a cultural food for Americans. Chicken itself, along has become the meat of choice for many people who no longer eat beef or pork. Many people eat fish, but the majority of the population still eat more chicken.

There is huge trend towards organically raised chicken. This is because the meat is hormone free (chicken feed) and the chickens are free-range. In other words, they are not kept in small cages or coops for their whole lives and their diet is natural. Organic foods are optimal because of the lack of pesticides, herbicides and other substances that have been shown to cause health problems in people.

Although many of the recipe videos below may have some substances that you don't want to ingest, you can always substitute an organically raised chicken in and the food will be healthier. If I were you, I would stay away from lards and hydrogenated oils. Somehow, organically raised meats also just taste better. I have been eating them for years and can really tell the difference when I eat something that is not organic.

Enjoy the recipe videos and be sure to comment on which one you like after you vote!

Creative Commons Photo Credit

More Fried Chicken Recipes

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

If you didn't get enough recipes from this website, here is the ultimate fried chicken recipe book. It not only has several American versions, but it also contains versions from other countries that I have not listed on this website, it goes far beyond.

This is the ultimate fried chicken recipe book. If you family likes fried chicken, surprise them with a different version every week!


If You Think Your Chicken is a "Star," Please Tell Us About It! - Don't be shy, it "ain't" chicken scratch!

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