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Fun Christmas Games for Adults

Updated on November 12, 2014
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It seems as though Christmas time is centered around the children. Sure, we have some fun Christmas parties and gather with family, as we should, but what about a few fun Christmas party games for adults?

Kids aren’t the only ones who should have the pleasure of playing Christmas games! For adults, the games aren’t too different, and only some of them involve “adult” things. This doesn’t mean we can’t play games!


Cards Against Humanity

Adult Christmas Party Games

Here is a list of some of the best Christmas games for adults to play at a party:

  • Christmas Charades: Charades are always a fun time, especially when the theme is all things Christmas! Think Christmas symbols and Christmas movies!
  • Grow a Pair: Of antlers, that is! With teams of at least two, time is called and each teammate must blow up balloons and stuff them into a pair of pantyhose, four in each leg. Once done, one of the team members must put the antlers on their head and sing the first line of Jingle Bells. The first team to finish wins!

  • Christmas Carol Crowd: Before the party, write down the names of common Christmas songs on separate pieces of paper, making sure there’s two pieces of paper for each song title. Everyone will draw a piece of paper from the hat, not showing anyone what they got. At the sound of a bell, everyone should begin humming the song they picked, immediately searching for the other person humming the same tune. Once found, they must join hands and sing their song aloud. First couple to do this wins!

  • Kisses Relay: Divide into two teams, have two pairs of oversized mittens, and two full bowls of kisses. Place the bowls on the other side of the room and give each team a pair of gloves. Teams will race to the other end of the room, unwrap a Kiss while wearing the gloves, put it in their mouth, then run back to the team where the next person will put the gloves on, race to eat a kiss, then back again until the one of the teams finishes!


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  • Jello Shot Obstacle: Imagine the obstacles Santa encounters trying to deliver presents. Nobody will be jumping down chimneys, but you will need a hallway and streamers. You will tape streamers across the hallway at all different heights and angles, to resemble a high-security laser alarm system. At the end of the hall, there’s a plate of jello shots. There should be just 5 more shots than there are players. Each person will try to go as fast as they can through the obstacle, take their shot, and make their way back while being timed. Slowest time must take the remaining shots!

  • Santa Has a Heart On: Using a large picture of Santa, draw a heart somewhere on Santa, then cover the whole picture with sticky notes. Each person will take their turn by taking off one sticky each until Santa’s “heart on” is revealed! Winner gets a candy cane rod!

  • Christmas Movie Trivia: Pop quiz! Luckily it’s multiple choice. This game is played out loud, where the host reads the question and possible answers, and in order to give an answer, you must “buzz in” by jingling a bell. Correct answers get you a point, while incorrect answers will either take away a point, or you must take a drink. Points cannot be negative. Questions must either be about Christmas movies or quotes from them.

  • Santa Beard: Teams or individuals will race to smear petroleum jelly on their chin and stick cotton balls on themselves in a manner in which resembles Santa’s beard. First person or team to finish must yell “ho-ho-ho!” in order to be deemed the winner.

Get Ready to Have a Great Time!

These Christmas games for adults will be a lot of fun at any party!

For even more party game ideas, check out: 16 Best Christmas Party Games.

Spice up the night with a few fun games, Christmas carols, and holiday cheer!


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