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Gargoyle Costume

Updated on October 4, 2014

Wear a Guardian Gargoyle Costume this Halloween

Looking for a costume that is terrifying and grotesque this Halloween? A Gargoyle Costume is a unique and frightening costume idea for Halloween or your next costume party.

Whether you want to purchase your Gargoyle costume or make your own you will find costume suggestions and instructions on how to achieve the desired Gargoyle appearance.

Image Credit: Public Domain

Mascot Gargoyle Costume

Gargoyle Mascot Costume
Gargoyle Mascot Costume

As the hefty price tag might suggest this Gargoyle costume is designed for many hours of wear. It is designed for teams and businesses who are looking for a fierce mascot.

The key features of this Mascot costume is its plush body, mystical wings, and horns. The Gargoyle head is roomy and depicts a sinister smile.Did you notice the open mouth and grey coloring? These are 2 key elements any gargoyle costume needs.

If you are looking for a costume that will have some longevity then the Gargoyle Mascot costume will be right for you, but most likely you are looking for an inexpensive costume that will be worn once or twice on Halloween. If that is the case - Keep reading for more economical costumes and ideas.


Gargoyle Costume Facts - Gargoyle Facts - Inspiration for Your Costume

Gargoyles were prominent on buildings during the Gothic period. They were utilized on building as waterspouts to steer water away from the foundation of buildings. Because of this primary function Gargoyles are depicted with open mouths and protruding tongues. When looking for a Gargoyle costume mask, a more realistic mask, will feature a gaping mouth.

Gargoyles were often made out of limestone and marble; that is why they are depicted as stone sculptures. Keep in mind, you will need to create a stone effect for your costume. Most gargoyle costumes will be grey in color or inspired by the color of rocks.

Gargoyle faces were grotesque. They were symbols of protection. Gargoyles acted as guardians of churches and other buildings. Their faces were thought to keep out evil. Your Gargoyle costume will need to have a menacing facade to reflect one of the gargoyles key functions.

Image Credit: mypotlpeople - derived from public domain image.

Gargoyle Transformation

The mythical guardian makes a great costume choice this Halloween.

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Homemade Gargoyle Costume - Make Your Own Costume

Want a unique Gargoyle Costume? Try these instructive costume tutorials that seek to aid you on your way to creating a protective, yet fearsome, Gargoyle Costume.

Adult Gothic Manor Gargoyle Costume - Turn Yourself to Stone

Gargoyle Adult Costume
Gargoyle Adult Costume

This costume provides you with everything you will need to turn yourself in a Gargoyle.

Everything you get with the costume: grey jumpsuit, mask, wings, gloves, shoe covers.

Attributes: Stone grey color, open mouth and horns, grotesque face.


Cathedral Creeper Gargoyle Costume - Fits Teens & Adults

Deluxe Cathedral Creeper Gargoyle Costume - Scary Halloween Costumes

For those looking for a gargoyle costume at a better price point this Cathedral Creeper Gargoyle Costume is for you.

The costume features silver foam sculpted armor with attached should piece, attached cape with tail. Also included in this Gargoyle Costume is detachable glovelets, helmet and boot covers.

Note: Small size will fit some teens. Large size fits men 42-48". Does not come with pants or shoes.

Attributes: Grey stone color, and cape like wings.

Make-up will be needed to finish the look and if you want the gaping mouth look prepare to have your mouth open the entire evening. It is a great costume for the price.

Amy Brown Gargoyle Fairy Costume - Add some magic to your Halloween costume

Amy Brown Gargoyle Fairy Adult Costume

If you love the fantasy artist Amy Brown you will love this cute Gargoyle Fairy Costume.

The Gargoyle Fairy costume comes with dress, matching wings and tights. Costume style in grey and turquoise tones.

The Gargoyle Fairy dress is made out of 100% polyester stretch velvet. It comes in adult sizes small, medium and large.

Price: $29.98

Creepy Gargoyle Mask - Costume Accessory

Gargoyle Adult Halloween Mask by Jordu Schell
Gargoyle Adult Halloween Mask by Jordu Schell

I love the broken horn that appears in this mask. It gives an appearance of chipped stone.

The mask has a creepy vibe and it the perfect look for a gargoyle.


Statue Make-up Tips to Help Make You a Gargoyle - Gargoyle Costume Make-Up Tutorial

If you do not want to wear a face mask you can transform yourself into a gargoyle with the use of make-up. The following tutorial will show you how to help you look like a statue. You can utilize these techniques to make yourself more stone cold.

Latex Gargoyle Mask - Costume Details

Rubie's Costume Co Reel F/X Gargoyle Kit, Grey, One Size
Rubie's Costume Co Reel F/X Gargoyle Kit, Grey, One Size

Make your transformation from human to gargoyle easy with this frightening gargoyle latex mask. Just slip it on in seconds and your transformation is complete.

This gargoyle mask reflects all the key features of a gargoyle. The face is sinister and scary. It gives the illusion of a stone facade.

I like the terrifying 3 dimensional look. It gives the gargoyle mask a stone and mortar feel.


Gargoyle Costume Accessories - Style Yourself from Head to Toe

Costume wings are a must for any gargoyle costume. You will want them to look grey or like stone.

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