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Stunning Geisha Costumes

Updated on July 30, 2015

Geisha Costumes for Halloween and Cosplay

The mystique surrounding the life and looks of a Geisha has generated a lot of interest from women. But even today Westerners are largely unaware of the tremendous history of the Geisha, as well as the extraordinary amount of training that comes with it; at least for the modern Geisha. But that makes for a fantastic choice for a Halloween or cosplay costume, based upon the mystery surrounding this interesting group of women.

Usual colors of costumes made based upon Geishas are red, black, pink and white, although there are a number of exceptions to that general rule.

Two of the key pieces of a real Geisha outfit include a kimono, the long silk robe most of us identify with a Geisha, and the sash at the waist, which is called an obi. No costume wanting to display any reality of a Geisha would be without these two key pieces of their wardrobe.

While not important for the purpose of a costume, it's interesting to note that real Geisha have integrate styles, including the types of hairpins they have, length of their eyebrows, and the style of their hair, among numerous other things, which all have specific meaning to them.

This is part of makes the Geisha such a mystery and fun to emulate by wearing a costume.

Homemade Geisha Costume

Believe it or not, this is a homemade Geisha costume. Those that know some of Japanese culture would be able to identify that fairly easily, but nonetheless it is very well done for the purpose it serves. The umbrella and other accessories are fantastic. Did you see the fan stuck in the sash?

Also concerning the makeup, notice the way the lipstick is narrower on the lips and doesn't cover the entirety of the lips. This provides that porcelain type of look Geisha are noted for.

Beautiful Homemade Geisha Costume

Plus Size Geisha Costume

The easily adaptable materials used in a Geisha costume make it a great possibility for plus-sized women, as you can see below. Painting your face white is an important part of the Geisha look.

See how all the other women look that have their faces painted white in contrast to the first photo above.

Full-sized Geisha Costume

Black, Purple and Pink Geisha Costume

I really liked the differentiation of the Geisha outfit below, including the unique way she did her hair to complement the costume. The tied hair and braids coming down look terrific, and the pink and black costume contrasts nicely. Some of these ladies do need to learn to whiten their faces a little more in the fashion that real Geishas do to complete the look. But this is still a very cute Geisha costume and look.

Pink and Black Geisha Costume

Dressing Up as Geisha in a Group

You may be able to tell from the photo that these are actually two real Geisha in training, which are called "maiko" at that stage. As you can see, they are dressed very colorfully, and those shoes are unique, to say the least.

It does give an idea of what it would be like to go out as more than one Geisha, which as with all group costuming, would be a lot of fun.

Group Geisha Costumes

Geisha Halloween Costumes

If you really want to act and look like a real Geisha, you would also have some entertainment skills. So if you can sing, play an instrument, or entertain in any number of ways, you just may have found your calling in life.

But really, wearing a Geisha costume for Halloween is a great way to show that mysterious side to yourself, or at least make everyone believe you have one.

Geisha costumes will and do attract a lot of attention because they're so different than most other costumes worn to party events.


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