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General Zod Costume and Mask - Have a Man of Steel Halloween!

Updated on August 24, 2017

Terrorize the world as General Zod (Old or New!)

I've been a fan of Superman movies since I was a kid, I was always excited when there was one showing on TV and my favourite one was the first one, released way back in 1978 and I am so happy this movie series is getting it's reboot! Well I am also a bit scared at the same time as we all know reboots and remakes can go wrong but Man of Steel did not fail me, true it could be better but it's still a great Superman movie.

As Halloween is closing in and I'm thinking about what could be hot (and well what not) I can't get past the characters from this movie... While Superman by himself is a pretty popular costume every year, I don't think I need to cover that but there are some characters like General Zod (aka Dru-Zod) who will be great for this year.

So let's take a closer look at General Zod costume and his mask shall we?

General Zod Mask - Two different ones

I do like the fact they decided to give a mask to General Zod in Man of Steel and it looks wicked! They made an official release of the mask which is also great! You can easily look just like Zod in the movie or you can paint the mask red and be like he's in the comic book (well at least one of the versions)

Rubie's Costume Superman Man Of Steel Adult General Zod Mask, Multi-Colored, One Size
Rubie's Costume Superman Man Of Steel Adult General Zod Mask, Multi-Colored, One Size

This one is the more expensive one and I think you can see why as it has all the extra tubes and all. If you are an perfectionist, and when it comes to Halloween I know I am, I think this one will be perfect. It has to be said though, this costume would work great even without a mask and vinyl mask can get a bit hot to wear.

Superman General Zod Adult 3/4 Mask Costume Accessory
Superman General Zod Adult 3/4 Mask Costume Accessory

This one is the less expensive one but the face mask is pretty much the same as with the more expensive alternative (you could also go with the movie replica but that one costs even more).


General Zod Costume - Adults & Kids

I've seen the printed shirts in some stores (with body armor on them) and I'm not sure if those are supposed to be costumes or just movie memorabilia but either way they are an inexpensive way to go about this look. True it won't look as awesome as if wearing the actual official costume which is already available in costume stores. Compared to the original Zot in the first Superman movie this outfit does look way more wicked with the state of the art looking armour. The new one also has a fancy cloak and you and I both know you can't be a cool villain without a cloak.

Well the new Zod has more style that's for sure and he does make a more impressive entrance when he comes to Earth.



General Zod from The Original Movie - Some of them I loved, one I feared

This trio landed on Earth in the original movie to reap havoc! Zod is the leader this Kryptonian villain trio, Ursa, the lovely lady being his second in command and Non, not the brightest in the bunch is third. I was quite fond of Non as well I did find him to be a bit funny, you know brute force and no brains usually works this way in a movie and I did admire Ursa a bit as she seemed so strong and even if she was a villain she didn't strike as evil to me. But Zod, he send chills down my spine.

I loved their original outfits, I mean they have super powers they are entitled to wear light clothes right?

Photo:Superman Photo / Amazon

These will help you create the "original" General Zod outfit

If you want to dress up as Zod as seen in the original Superman movie you will have to create your own outfit as there isn't an official costume released.

Herb Warrior Tash and Goatee Beard Set Costume Accessory Kit
Herb Warrior Tash and Goatee Beard Set Costume Accessory Kit

If you are planning your costume way ahead you have enough time to let your beard grow enough to cut it like Zod. If not you can always use a fake one. I think this rapper goatee would work perfectly.


Superman vs Man of Steel - Did you like the original movie more than the new one?

I always prefer original movies, don't know why, I think I have some kind of emotional or nostalgic attachment to them and that adds tilts the scale into their favor. Even with the new Batman movies, whoever I ask prefers the new ones but if you ask me no movie in the new Batman series can beat Batman Returns.

I love the way they acted in the original movies, the way they expressed their feelings (and I don't just mean the romantic ones) the facial expressions and wordings were really different back then and it's something that works for me, makes it interesting. I also love the special effects of that time, they look super fake but that gives them that special charm, it makes them supernatural.

So what will it be is Superman better than Man of Steel

Man of Steel Trailer

This trailer concentrates around Zod so be sure to watch it to get into the role :)


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    • Michelllle profile image


      5 years ago

      Gotta love superheros!


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