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German Style Halloween Costumes For Kids

Updated on September 7, 2015

German Halloween Costumes

Bavaria, Deutchland, and Germany. A German child's costume could be a girl in pig tails, a boy with lederhausen, a world war two soldier. For fun it could be a cuckoo clock or a grandfather's clock from the black forest. Other characters include Hansel and Gretal from the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tails. A lot of great costumes come from Germany and who wouldn't love to see a child on Halloween or at Oktoberfest in Munich in a great German children's costume.

German Costumes for Girls

Looking for something that is cute and different for Halloween and of Germanic style? Try looking for these type of costumes:

  • A Dirndl costume - Lederhosen, mini skirt, and the classic German top.
  • Bavarian Girl costume

German Costumes for Boys

I'm not sure you will get lederhosen on a boy that has started school, but a pre-school boy wouldn't know the different until you showed him the pictures years later.

  • Lederhosen, overalls, and the classic German hat
  • Military outfit - I would stay away from World War II costumes and concentrate more on those with the Pickelhaube spiked helmet.

What kind of kids German costume have you worn to Oktoberfest or Halloween?

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      spanishtvonline1 5 years ago

      I love German fashion, very nice lens. Germany is my favorite country to visit, eat, explore the culture and civilization. I love to watch German TV online, to learn german and to visit this country.

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      rafael-portilho 5 years ago