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Ghost Movies You'll Love

Updated on January 24, 2015

Are all ghost movies scary?

Ghosts, spirits and specters...we can't seem to get enough of them. They have been around in movies nearly as long as there have been movies, and they transcend every genre. While your first thought might be that they only belong in horror movies, ghosts have appeared in comedies, romances, action movies and cartoons. Without further ado, here are some Ghost Movies you might enjoy.

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The Others (2001)

Nicole Kidman stars as a buttoned-up World War II era woman who lives in a secluded country house with her two children. The children have a rare disease that makes them sensitive to sunlight, a condition which dictates the rigid structure of the family's daily life. When three new servants arrive, strange things begin to occur: doors open and close on their own, strange sounds emanate from within locked rooms and the children start seeing intruders that quickly vanish.

The remote setting and dreary weather give this excellent film a sense of foreboding. In addition to Kidman, who won a Golden Globe for her portrayal, the cast includes Christopher Eccleston and the fantastic Fionnula Flanagan. Recommended.

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GHOST (1990)

This is the most romantic ghost movie you will ever see. Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) are a young, upwardly mobile Manhattan couple who are deeply in love. When Sam is killed during a mugging, it takes him a moment to realize he is a ghost, unable to be seen or heard by Molly. Although the assailant has fled, Sam discovers that the man is still a threat to Molly. He finds a disreputable medium (Whoopi Goldberg, who won an Oscar for her role) and together they try to save Molly and discover the real reasons behind Sam's death. Touching, warm and funny, "Ghost" is a movie you'll fall in love with. I can't seem to watch it without shedding some tears.

Ghost Town (2008)

When Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) dies, only to be revived seven minutes later, he discovers he has acquired the ability to see and hear ghosts. This puts his already limited social skills to the test as the spirits start to invade every corner of his life. With the help of a co-worker, he realizes that the only way to get rid of the ghosts is by helping them finish their earthly business. This leads Bertram to a beautiful, grieving widow (Tea Leoni) who cannot seem to let go of her deceased husband.

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The Sixth Sense (1999)

"I see dead people," terrified nine year old Cole (Haley Joel Osment) explains to the psychologist (Bruce Willis) trying to help him. The boy has clearly been traumatized by something, but is he really able to interact with troubled spirits who don't realize they're dead? As the two work together to unravel the mystery of Cole's situation, it leads to unexpected realizations for both of them.

This film is as suspenseful as they come and will leave you on the edge of your couch until the very end. Highly recommended.

The Lady in White (1988)

Locked in a coat closet on Halloween in 1962, young Frankie (Lukas Haas) sees the ghost of a young girl re-enacting her murder many years before. As he begins to investigate, the boy uncovers secrets in his small town and soon finds himself a target of the killer who is still at large. Franke is led to the home of the mysterious Lady in White and discovers the killer may be closer than he thinks.

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Comedy doesn't get much better than Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis. When three university parapsychology professors lose their jobs, they decide to put their skills to use with their own ghost catching business - The Ghostbusters. After a beautiful cellist seeks their services to help explain mysterious goings-on in her apartment, the group uncover a pending spectral invasion "of biblical proportions" that could destroy our world. I have seen "Ghostbusters" at least a dozen times and it still makes me laugh.


"They're he-re." With those chilling words, sweet-faced Carol Ann confirms that strange things have indeed been happening around her family's suburban tract home. Ghosts have been communicating with the little girl through the television, attracted to her strong life force. When Carol Ann disappears into a closet, the family enlists a team of parapsychologists who come to realize that the girl is still alive, but being held in another dimension. With time running out, the family embark on a radical plan to rescue her.


In Tim Burton's hilarious film, newlyweds Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) are killed in a freak accident. Because of too much red tape, they discover they won't be able to enter Heaven until they have haunted their former dwelling for 50 years. Unfortunately, the house has been taken over by an obnoxious family of yuppies and, in an attempt to scare them out, the couple enlists the services of a ghoul named Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) who may prove to be an even bigger problem.

Truly, Madly, Deeply (1990)

Pianist Nina is devastated when the love of her life, cellist Jaime, dies suddenly. Alone in the apartment they shared, she is barely able to function, despite the help of well meaning friends. One day as she is at the piano, she turns to see the ghostly Jaime. They resume their relationship, but will Jaime's increasingly odd behavior, frequent parties with spectral friends and the attentions of a real live mortal man keep Nina committed?

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What's Your Favorite Ghost Movie?

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Thanks for stopping by! - Tell me about the ghost movies you love...or love to hate.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love ghost movies, great list!

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      BOO! I love all of these ghost movies especially The Others! Good list for a "ghostly" Halloween! ^^..^^

    • APackageAtTheDoor profile image


      7 years ago


    • TheLittleCardShop profile image

      Malu Couttolenc 

      7 years ago

      I love Ghost movies and they are part of my halloween, we always gther to watch a couple oft them :)

    • Richard-H profile image


      7 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      Great selection of varied ghost stories to choose from!

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      7 years ago from UK

      Leaving a ghost of a blessing.... :)

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      7 years ago from UK

      Fantastic selection of ghost movies, there really is something for everyone here, from funny tales to weepy romance and spine-chilling terror. If anyone asks me for a Halloween movie recommendation I'll send them here!


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