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Gift Ideas for 10th Graders

Updated on October 15, 2015

Will your sixteen year old get a car?

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Gift Ideas for High School Sophmores

Here's a hard question, what to get a 16 year old that is in 10th grade or a sophmore in high school. The 16 year old in the United States is focused on getting their driver's license. Even though they would love a car, that would be a bit impractical for 99% of parents, so we'll focus on video games, clothes, and that Sweet Sixteen party.

"Class of" gifts

A gift that relates to the year they will graduate high school. Add three years to the year they started their sophomore year. For example, if they started their sophomore year in 2016, then they will graduate in 2019.

Rules of the Road Book

Most sophmores are working on getting their driver's license. Whether they are studying in high school or are using a driving school outside of school, every girl or boy will need a rules of the road book.

Gifts for 10th grade girls

Replacing Twilight this year is anything by the Hunger Games. The books and / or the bluray DVDs would be a great gift. Catching Fire won't be out on DVD until 2014, however, the first movie is now available.

Gifts for 10th grade Boys

Everyone knows that video games are a boys best friend in high school. And the Mature titles like Assasin's Creed and Call of Duty: Ghosts are what they want.

Clothes for 10th graders

My teenage kids love hoodies and sweatshirts. There are many brands out there, but I prefer Columbia's fleece line of clothes.

Test Guides

The ACT, SAT, and PSAT are just around the corner, and study guides are great ways to jump start getting them to study for these important college tests.

What did you get your 10th grader for Christmas or their Birthday?

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