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Gift Ideas for 12th Graders

Updated on April 30, 2015

What is your senior doing after high school?

What is your senior doing after high school?

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Gift Ideas for Seniors in High School

Finding gifts for seniors in high school is actually not that daunting of a task. Whether you are buying a Christmas present or a high school graduation gift, this step in the 12th graders life has a few things that you can get that they actually may want or need.

Cash or gift cards leads this list as the gear up for college days the next year probably has a pretty long list. The expensive gifts are the ones they will want the most. Going together on a laptop for college is a great choice, however, its best if the student learns whether their university and college recommends Macs or Microsoft based hardware.

For girls, jewelry related to their graduation year of high school is always popular.

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Graduation Picture Frame

Capturing the high school graduation moment is a great keepsake as these young men and women begin the next stage of their lives. There are many types of picture frames and shadow boxes that can highlight their years in high school.

Autograph Stuffed Animals

One of the things my wife still has to this day is her autograph stuffed dog from high school. With this gift, you need to give it before they leave school so that they can use it, kind of like a year book to get his / her friends' signatures before the end of the school year.

Computer for College

When heading to college, a must these days is a good laptop. I would look for a laptop with at least a 17 inch screen. Another good idea before purchasing a laptop is to check with the college and see if they recommend a certain type of computer (apple or windows) and if there is any software that needs to be loaded.

Books for the Senior in High School

As my kids prepare for college during their senior year in high school, I've been looking for advice to give them that will help them on their journey. After the typical, you need to get a job over the summer lecture, I've come up with these three books about their first years in college.

College Gear for Seniors in High School

Christmas and Birthday gifts should be easy when looking for 12th graders. Money and gift cards are great starts, but if you are looking for something before they go to college, there's plenty to choose from. If they've selected their college already, then a college t-shirt or sweatshirt from their selected university is a great start.

Dorm Room Items for College

When getting ready for college, there are so many things a senior in high school wants or needs. Dorm room items include bedding, a matress topper, a mini-fridge, a white board, an alarm clock, a reading light, shower shoes, a hamper, or tupperware.

Chic Laptop Bags

Everyone will need something to carry a laptop around campus. And of course, no one wants the standard black business laptop case, so try one of these that may be more to the liking of the fashion conscience.

What does your senior in high school want as a gift?

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    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 3 years ago from West Virginia

      When my daughter was a senior in HS, it was probably a new laptop.