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12 Gift Ideas for 4th Graders

Updated on December 12, 2017

Great birthday and Christmas gift ideas for 4th grade boys and 4th grade girls

Fourth grade is an interesting age. Boys are learning about games for mature audiences like Halo and Black Ops. Girls are growing out of their doll phase. Gifts are becoming more expensive and with that expense comes more responsibility. All of this leads to a little anxiety when trying to buy a gift for a grandchild, nephew, or niece.

As a parent, I notice that fourth graders are no longer trying to destroy everything, and instead are into building and learning. Toys that allow them to build and create become more interesting, especially those that deal with STEM. Robotics, model cars and airplanes, and building rockets are great examples to give the kids this age a sense of accomplishment.

What do you give your 4th grader?

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The Idea List for a Great Gift

This list comes from experience, as I have four kids of my own and eight nieces and nephews. My kids and my siblings kids span a large age range, so we've seen toys come and go, but these are the ones that have stuck the test of time.

  • Educational Games and Activities - Toys and games that are STEM related are great, especially if the kid doesn't realize learning is occurring. We especially like Sudoku puzzles to teach logic, Crossword Puzzles to expand vocabulary, and anything related to Math.
  • Remote Control Cars - I'm not sure what it is about a remote control cars, but kids always love them. The faster they go, the more fun they are. Unfortunately, batteries in RC vehicles don't last forever.
  • Drones - Drones seem to be more stable than the helicopters from a few years ago. However, the price range can be from a few dollars to the very expensive. Pick a low to mid-price in this group, and let them get the feel before going to a higher priced item.
  • Spy Gear - Spying on your family is fun with remote control vehicles equipped with a video camera.
  • Models - I loved building models as a kid. I couldn't wait to open up the box, look at all the pieces, and create a model plane or car. As a kid, I would hang the plane across my ceiling and then blow them up with a firecracker.
  • Nerf Dart Guns - If your 4th grade son doesn't have a Nerf guns yet, it is time to start the war. These are great for kids. There are different type of darts, such as velcro, suction, and nerf, that will adhere to different targets.
  • Cell phone - what are you crazy? No, cells phones are not acceptable until at least 8th grade.
  • Video Games - at this age, I prefer, sports games like Fifa Soccer, Baseball, Football. Racing games are great. And the Lego games are awesome. My favorite Lego video game is Lego Star Wars, but there is also Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings. Stay away from the shooter video games, like Black Ops until they get older. Be sure to know what kind of game console they have before purchasing.
  • Books - Books are a great tradition in our family. You just need to find the right one that keeps them interested.
  • Store Gift Cards - you should know what stores they like.
  • Cash - a last resort. Give cash instead of a Visa gift card, which will teach them how to handle money.

What is a great gift for a 4th grader?

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      5 years ago


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      5 years ago

      Nice suggestions! Some are really worth to think about!

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      6 years ago

      a visit to a museum. a ticket for adult and child to see a play, game, or a movie.


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