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Gift Ideas for 4th Graders

Updated on December 7, 2015

What do you give your 4th grader?

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Great birthday and christmas gift ideas for 4th grade boys and 4th grade girls

Fourth grade is an interesting time of year when you are buying birthday gifts or christmas gifts. Fourth grade boys are learning about games for mature audiences like Halo and such, whereas fourth grade girls are growing out of their doll phase. Gifts are becoming more expensive and with that expense comes more responsibility.

4th graders are also coming out of their destruction phase, which means toys that allow them to build and create become more interesting. Plastic model cars, rockets, and model airplanes are great examples to give the boys a sense of accomplishment.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, check out my 5th Grade Gift Ideas.

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Educational Games and Activities for 9 year olds

Toys and games that help a child learn in fourth grade are a great to help them learn without them knowing it. There are lots of games for the computer and puzzle books.

I loved Math books and puzzles as a kid. Suduko is a great way for kids to learn how to make decisions and use logic and numbers together. Vocabulary and word games are awesome computer games.

Remote Control Cars and Helicopters

I'm not sure what it is about a remote control car or helicopter, but kids always love them. The faster they go the more fun they are. Unfortunately, batteries in RC vehicles don't last forever. The latest quad-copters or sometimes called drones, pictured here, are becoming very popular.

Nine Year Olds Love Spy Gear

Spying on your family is fun with remote control vehicles with spy gear cameras.

Building Models for 4th Grade Boys

I loved building models as a kid. I couldn't wait to open up the box, look at all the pieces and create model plans and model cars. I had the planes all across my ceiling.

Nerf Dart Guns

If your 4th grade son doesn't have one of these nerf guns yet, it is time to start the war. These are great for the kids and the darts have different tips such as velcro and suction cups to shoot at different targets.

Electronics for 4th graders

For those fourth graders who are responsible and will take care of expensive items, these are great gift idea. Fourth graders are beginning to like music and making judgements of what music they like. A cell phone I don't think is appropriate at this age,

Video Games for a fourth grader

Even though the video games below are split between boys and girls, they really can be for either gender.

Boys and girls like sports games (think FIFA, Madden Football, Backyard Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball), games where things gets smashed (I like the lego games), and racing video games (my favorite is MarioKart). Below are some of the great games for the Wii, however, click through these games to get them for your other game consoles as well. Boys will gravitate to snow boarding and skate boarding games and girls to dancing games.

If you are looking for your first game console, the Wii is great for fourth graders Nintendo came out with the WiiU recently. Wii allows kids to be active in the middle of winter and provides a lot of games where you have to stand up and be active.

If you are not sure the Wii is right for you, check out this article that compares video game consoles.

Still don't know what to get a 4th grader?

Gift cards are a great way to get 4th graders a gift and not worry about mom or dad putting the cash in the bank. Lots of different ones to choose from when all else fails. Girls like clothes and boys like video games.

What is a great gift for a 4th grader?

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      Nice suggestions! Some are really worth to think about!

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      a visit to a museum. a ticket for adult and child to see a play, game, or a movie.