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Fun Gifts for Girls Age 10 and Under

Updated on December 28, 2014
Image courtesy of Sicha Pongjivanich at
Image courtesy of Sicha Pongjivanich at

Finding Gifts for Girls Age 10 and Younger

Looking for gifts for girls age 10 and under? Wondering what gifts these young girls would appreciate the most? Well, you're not alone! A lot of people are busy looking for the perfect gift to give to that special young girl who's about to celebrate her birthday.

There are some things to consider in buying gifts for 10 year old girls and those belonging to the younger set, and we'll be discussing them right here. It's my pleasure to help you out since I know that finding the perfect gift will definitely bring the warmest smile to that special girl's face. And what a joy it will be for you once you see it!

Top 3 Tips in Buying a Good Gift for a Girl

  1. Consider her unique personality. To find the perfect gift, you need to consider what her hobbies are, and the things she enjoy doing the most. Does she love playing with dolls? Is she into fashion, science or the arts? Does she love to write? Remember, girls this age are starting to develop their interests. Give them something that will help them further their interests and you're on to a sure winner!
  2. Give gifts that are age-appropriate. Don't give gifts that are too advanced for their age or those that are way too "childish".
  3. Consider their favorite characters. Every kid has her own favorite character. Younger girls may like Barbie, Minnie Mouse or Dora the Explorer while tweens may be on to Hannah Montana, Alex Russo Wizards of Waverly Place or Sam Puckett and Carly Shay. However, there is a high probability that almost all young girls are into Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of the hit animated movie "Frozen". Give them a character-inspired gift and they'll shriek with glee!

How to Come Up with Great Gift Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Here are some tips to consider in buying gifts for girls 10 years and under. I hope this helps!

Gifts for Young Girls Who Love Science

Let's face it. Not all girls love girly stuff. There are those who are more interesting in science and the arts. So, what can be the perfect gift for these young girls? Well, for one, you can consider giving these girls the "My First Super Science Kit" by Be Amazing! Toys. With this kit, your little scientist can begin exploring nature, electricity, and pretty much everything about the world around her. Now, who ever said that learning can't be fun?

My First Super Science Kit

Be Amazing My First Super Science Kit
Be Amazing My First Super Science Kit

This is the perfect gift that will stimulate the mind of your junior scientist.


Choosing a Cool Gift for Your Budding Artist

The Perfect Gift for Young Artists
The Perfect Gift for Young Artists | Source
Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk
Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

The Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk is the perfect gift for budding artists. It features a large work surface with molded-in compartments, a hinged dry-erase writing surface that wipes clean easily. It is very durable and has lots of storage area underneath so your little artist can have all her supplies organized and within her reach at all times. She'll surely love you more for this!


There are some girls who love everything that has something to do with arts and crafts. And everyone wants to imitate everything Dad or Mom does.

Keeping this in mind, what can be cooler than giving her her own work desk? You may not believe how your little girl will appreciate this precious gift!

The Barbie Dream House

Every little girl who is into Barbie will surely appreciate receiving this Barbie Dream House!
Every little girl who is into Barbie will surely appreciate receiving this Barbie Dream House! | Source

Barbie Gift Ideas for Girls Age 10 Years and Under

Most girls are into Barbie. Who wouldn't be? I'm already a mom but I still love Barbie dolls! Here is one great Barbie gift suggestion your little princess will surely appreciate - a Barbie Dream House!

If the birthday girls already has lots of Barbie dolls in her collection, why don't you give her a 3-Story Dream Townhouse for her collection instead? This Dream Townhouse stands over three feet tall and comes fully furnished -- including lights and sounds on each level! Your child will enjoy having role-playing adventures with Barbie and her friends in this fancy new townhouse.

Barbie Dream House (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Barbie Dream House (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Watch your little princess shriek with glee when she opens the box and finds the Barbie dream house inside! The kitchen on the first floor features luxe stainless steel appliances, blender (complete with sounds) and light-up oven. Flip the table in the dining room to go from breakfast to dinner with no fuss.

A spacious bathroom that features all sorts of realistic touches such as a light-up mirror and a “flushing” toilet can be found on the second floor. The bedroom boasts of a divine canopy bed which pulls out to reveal a trundle bed. There is also a puppy bed, two elevators and a great balcony.


Buying Fun Gifts for Girls: Some Other Tips to Consider

  1. Make an online search. How do you know which gifts these young girls want? Search the internet! You'll find what's hip and what's not, so your chances of making wrong choices will be nil.
  2. Ask them for a list. If you absolutely want to get it right, ask her for a list of what she wants for her birthday. Just make sure you make her understand that she may not be getting everything on that list to avoid any confusion.
  3. Buy gifts for girls online. Most people have very limited time to shop for gifts so you may want to buy gifts online instead. It saves you time and effort!
  4. Give them a gift basket. Giving young girls a gift basket full of their favorite characters is a sure hit! And why not? They'll be getting a lot of stuff to keep them thrilled for days!

Books for Young Girls - On Fashion, Beauty, and Growing Up

The Smart Girl's Guide to Style
The Smart Girl's Guide to Style | Source

This book shares advice on having fun with fashion--and letting your girl's personal style shine through. Your little girl will also find tips for how to shop smart and handle disagreements with you over the clothes she buys and wears. She'll also get advice from other girls on how to ignore fashion critics and stay true to herself.

The Perfect Gift a Girl Who Loves to Write

Illustory Make-A-Book Kit
Illustory Make-A-Book Kit

This one's perfect for little girls who love to write. With the Illustory Make-a-Book kit, your little girl can publish her own book. Isn't that exciting?

This award-winning activity kit allows future authors to write and illustrate their very own story on special book pages provided. Once the story is complete, it is sent to be published, and in a few short weeks the budding writer receives a color-copied, professionally type set hardbound book. Ideal for ages five and up, this innovative kit nurtures enthusiasm for reading, writing, and illustrating.


A Great Book for Young Girls

The Big Book of Girl Stuff [Illustrated] [Paperback] Bart King, Author, Jennifer Kalis (Illustrator)
The Big Book of Girl Stuff [Illustrated] [Paperback] Bart King, Author, Jennifer Kalis (Illustrator)

Now, here's a hilarious and informative book that is chock-full of hints and guidance from the silly ("Why boys smell so bad") to the slightly serious ("Lies, Mean Girls, and Jerks") that is absolutely perfect for girls and their parents, too!

This book is full of fun ideas on what girls can do with their moms, from the new to the tried and true. They can tear out and share the notes and gift coupons, test their knowledge of each other with checklists made for two, and get to know each other even better with games and activities that are sure to leave them giggling.



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