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Gothic Witch Costume

Updated on November 4, 2015

Get A Gothic Witch Costume This Halloween

Get a Gothic Witch Costume to dress up in this Halloween. It's a fun outfit to wear and I think Witch costumes are the very best Halloween wear. I just happen to be a witch so when it comes to clothing a witch would wear I know what I am talking about. Everyone thinks Witches only wear black, but that's not true. You will see other colors in our costumes but as with any occasion, a girl always has a basic black outfit in her closet. If you pick this costume you can use some fun accessories to complete the look, but you don't have to buy anything else. I just happened to see some Wicked Jewelry that would look great on me and on you too. Add a broom stick, some Witchy shoes and a nice red lipstick and nail polish and I bet your a great looking Witch. Hurry, it's almost the Witching Hour. There is a great witch makeup video at the bottom of the lens, so when you are done looking at clothes, check it out.

Here's The Gothic Witch Costume For You

Halloween Witch Costumes Are Fun To Wear

You will find several costume ideas and among them you are going to spot the one outfit that says, "Here's a Gothic Witch Costume For You." Chances are you will know it as soon as you see it...something about it will catch your eye. Maybe that's a little bit of magic at work here. Look over these dresses and see if yours is there.

Find Your Witch Costume At Amazon - Amazon Has A Great Woman's Costume Selection

You can find almost anything at Amazon, including Halloween costumes and bewitching accessories. Here are some of the outfits I chose to show you on this lens.

Sexy Witch Costume Ideas - Short And Sassy For The Modern Witch

I thought I should show you a large variety of witchy wear and these short and sassy costumes for modern thinking witches are cute as can be. They might not be gothic but I don't think anyone will mind. Choose your favorite color or style dress and bewitch them all this Halloween.

Witch Shoes - You Girls Know How Important The Right Shoe Is

How long does it take you to choose shoes to go with your outfit? Well, Halloween shoes for the well dressed witch are no different. Here are several different styles. Look at them and decide which pair look best with your outfit. There are some great looking shoes here. My favorites are the Charlotte, but they are all cute...even the shoe covers. Anyone of these fun costume shoe ideas will work well with your witch costume on Halloween.

What Is The Most Important Costume Accessory For A Witch - What Does A Witch Costume Need The Most

We all like to get an accessory or two for our Halloween costumes but how do you know which of the many available accessories is the most important one for your costume?

Which Witch Costume Accessory Is The Most Important Addition To Your Halloween Costume?

See results

Hats For Halloween Witches - A Witch's Hat Can Make Her Costume

I have always loved hats, but not just any old hat, I have always loved Witch Hats. When you are shopping for your very own Witch hat keep in mind that this is a magical accessory you will be adding to your wardrobe. Pick yours out with care and it will serve you well during the time you wear it.

The Witch's Cloak - Cooler Halloween Weather Calls For A Cloak

A cloak gives the illusion of mystery and mystery surrounds a witch. Cover your costume in the cooler Halloween weather with a long cloak and evoke a mysterious aura all the other party guests will be in awe of. They don't have to know it's your own personal magic they are feeling.

Bewitching Wigs For Halloween - Don't Want Witchy Looking Hair?

If you imagine your hair to be anything other than exactly what it is right now, you need a wig to go with your Halloween costume. Is your hair too short or too straight to match that picture you have in your mind of a witch? Do you think a witch should have red hair or brown? Well, lucky for all of us there are plenty of fun wigs woman can find to help them achieve the perfect look for Halloween dress up. I like the reddish color hair but that's just me...pick your favorite wig to wear with your costume.

Magical Jewelry Choices For Your Witch Costume - Bewitched By Jewels

Witches, just like anyother woman, like to adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. I have found some lovely, magical jewelry to help you complete the costume look you imagine. If you are picturing yourself draped in lovely jewels rather than sticking a wart on your nose, take a look at these gothic witch costume accessories.

Do Witches Need Brooms? - Get Yourself A Magical Halloween Broom

Do witches need brooms? When I think back on every movie I ever saw that had a witch in it, there was a broom. Now since it's your costume it is up to you. If you decide you do want to use a broom and don't want to wrap your kitchen sweeper up in black ribbon and black bows, then take a look at what the costume store has for you to pick from.

Wonderful Halloween Witch Movie - Family Halloween Movie Ideas

Here's a wonderful Halloween movie for your family to watch. It's called Practical Magin and stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as two sisters who just happen to be witches. Watch the fun, the trouble and the wonderfully magical and happy ending. Family fun at Halloween is a little bit of magic too, but you don't have to be a witch to make it happen. Plan lots of fun movie nights together with your family and keep the magic alive in your house.

Halloween Witch Movies For Your Family - Family Movie Night Ideas For Halloween

Here are some fun ideas for Halloween Witch Movies for your family to watch around Halloween this year. Plan a family movie night during this spooky and fun holiday season. In fact, keep the magic alive all year long with family movie nights once a week or once a month. Play and spend time with your kids. No matter how magic you are, no one can hold back flies make all the wonderful and magical memories you can now.

Witch Make Up Ideas

The music is very loud, so adjust your computer's volume!

Be-Witch me if you can!

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