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The ULTIMATE Naruto Gift Guide

Updated on December 11, 2013

Find the coolest Naruto stuff!

Are you looking for the coolest Naruto stuff? As a gift for someone? As a gift for yourself? Or just for fun? Then come take a look. I've collected the coolest Naruto themed products for the coolest Naruto fans!

You can have a blast looking at the super-sweet figurines, or the cute plushies. And if you're looking to buy a gift for a Naruto fan for christmas, I'll help you by guiding you to the stuff that any Naruto fan would love to receive!

I have a lot of experiences with Naruto merchandise, I have plushies, figurines, manga, lots of posters and a lot of videogames, jewelry and even a Naruto-style wallet. I've made three naruto cosplays and bought matching accessories! Most of my experiences have been good, except for the time my sister bought a book from the completely wrong manga series by accident (oops.) So I've tried to share the coolest stuff I know, and help people (like my sister) who are looking for gifts for other Naruto fans and don't know where to start. I'm also only showing affordable stuff- I don't know who buys those $500 statues, but it's not me!

Popular Character Guide

This quick character guide will let you see the most popular characters. If you're buying a gift for someone else, knowing their favourite character is a huge advantage, and this will help you recognise them.

If you're using Firefox, press 'Ctrl F' to use your 'Find' tool, and type in the name of the character you're looking for.

Best Naruto Manga

These Naruto manga books contain a lot of Naruto chapters and come out every couple of months. If you're buying a gift for a Naruto fan I recommend getting the newest book, unless you're buying for one you know hasn't collected any manga (then the 1st book might be better, and very nostalgic) These books are the fastest way to read Naruto if you don't have a subscription to Shonen Jump Magazine.

If you want to take a look at a wider selection of Naruto books, check out this page:

Best Naruto DVD

The anime for Naruto made, and translated to and released in English. Big Naruto fans will love a DVD. The best one to get is the most recent (below), as if you're buying a gift for someone who collects DVDs, they probably have the 1st DVD (if they don't have the 1st one, go for that!)

Best Naruto Game

The latest in a long and highly developed series of games, with an amazing fighting system, intuitive gameplay, entertaining graphics and an immersive experience. This particular game is also the most up to date with the manga and anime. Fans will NOT be disappointed by this one!

Best Naruto Figurine - For display

Figurines are great decoration and really top off a collection, and I find this Naruto figurine really captures the spirit of the series in one piece, and it's beautiful as well as affordable. It's pretty easy to tell whether or not someone has figurines already (because they're meant to be displayed) so it's a safe gift to get someone. Don't confuse this for an action figure (those are below) it's not meant to be played with.

Best Naruto Action Figure - For playing with

This is a very nice and nicely priced action figure, and a great option for younger kids who really want to play Naruto. This is the ordinary, younger version of Naruto complete with a shadow clone (and not any odd features) so he's a good all round, non-specific version which (if anyone else remembers being a kid and wishing for the 'normal' version of an action figure) is ideal.

Best Naruto Plush

A Naruto plush is very huggable and adorable! I totally recommend this for younger, or female fans (female Naruto fans just love to get plushies, I can't explain it) This is the older, teen version of Naruto.

Top Naruto Fashion

Some of us fans like to be more practical and expressive in our love of Naruto- we have our manga, we watch Naruto on the tv and we've got all the videogames we want already. Maybe we just want to be able to take our favourite series out to town with us, and show how much we love it. Naruto fashion is the cure! (of course, dressing up in an orange jumpsuit and wearing a ninja headband IS an option... but not for every day, right?)

I've shown the best of each real 'category' here

Mattel Naruto Ninja Head Band
Mattel Naruto Ninja Head Band
The Best Wildcard: Every Naruto fan (young or old) kind of wants a Naruto headband. Unfortunately, most of the ones you can buy are made of metal, which is not safe for kids. LUCKILY mattel has made a soft one that is safe for kids to actually play with!
2 in 1 USB C Audio Dongle Headphone Adapter Type-C to 3.5mm Jack Dongle Headphone Converter Music Charging Adapter Cable Compatible for Motorola Moto Z (13)
2 in 1 USB C Audio Dongle Headphone Adapter Type-C to 3.5mm Jack Dongle Headphone Converter Music Charging Adapter Cable Compatible for Motorola Moto Z (13)
The Best Shirt: Itachi might be like Marmite in the Naruo fanbase, but he makes this shirt look particularly awesome!
Naruto Shippuden - Naruto in Forest Messenger Bag
Naruto Shippuden - Naruto in Forest Messenger Bag
The Best Bag: This tame, subtle Naruto bag is a great gift for boys (and the more toned down girls) it's a great way to show a love for Naruto without being super obvious about it.

The Best Naruto Calender, Poster or Wallscroll

There are a lot of great Naruto posters and wallscrolls, and I have to recommend buying one of your favourite character- but if you're looking for one for someone else, or want a poster or wallscroll that really screams 'Naruto!' this one is absolutely the best. It includes a lot of top characters (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Itachi, Deidara and Kisame) all looking pretty darn cool!

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