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Harvest of halloween programming and gifts

Updated on September 29, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Treats for all!~

Whether you are young or a kid at heart there are some, no matter how old they get will still love halloween like they did as a child. Heck I even went trick or treating one more time after I graduated high School, but that was because we moved to a new neighborhood!

Some still watch (any) Holiday programming like, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown which has been playing sine 1966, and the Nightmare Before Christmas has been around since 1993 (wow! I thought it was '98). It's always nice to watch programming that goes with the holiday, although when it's highly saturated like it is in December, it can also be a turn off. I guess it's a good thing that Halloween does not have so many special movies (regardless of what age it's geared toward) that have been around since the dawn of time.

Then there are those who love getting goodies & surprises, that is where this page comes in to play.

I've got Ideas for making your own 'whatever' gift, some suggestions already made, videos for the kids and a bit more.

That plus if you check out my other halloween pages you will find so much more.

(what is the person you are giving this to going to be for halloween? theme the items to what they will be.

A Vampire (give it to them in a coffin) a witch? .. give them a 'candy' cauldron

here I have 10 of my favorite (& a few I want to watch) choices for children, these are great to also include in a Halloween gift box, bag cauldron coffin etc.

Skeleton Dance early disney

Make your OWN Goodie Bag

* decide to include candy or non candy or both candy & toys etc.

*select : Witches Cauldron, Coffin Box, a nice goodie bag (that can be used for trick or treating, a purse, or as a decoration)

*what to put in it - (be sure items are Age appropriate )

Fave candies & chocolates Gumball eyes Twizzlers, a plush 'monster' halloween themed jewlery, toys like halloween theme cars theme school supplies pencil notepad, T-shirt, (Pompkin spice) Candle Music cd Movie

Make your own Treat Basket

Sorry it's a bit shaky as I'm holding the camera while filming, and it sort of catches up abruptly (the battery died but I was somewhat finished anyway. I might redo it once Halloween is over so that all the goodies are here.

You don't have to just give candy!! You could make small treat bags with a piece or 2 of candy also a small 'toy' or other item like a small puzzle/activity book why not include some crazy ones for it or at least a pencil. (Those kids could use it but PLEASE NEVER just give out a pencil. You are just asking to be egged or T. P.'ed)

as far as trick or treaters .. I like to give out a hard piece of candy like a dum dum pop and maybe a piece of gum, or a package of pretzels. For 2016 I am handing out one or 2 pieces of candy and a non-candy item. (I'll let them choose)

My favorite candies to get



Dum Dum pops (as long as they are not Butterscotch or Root-beer

Mini Snickers

3 Musketeers

Peanut M&Ms

Halloween Presents

If you have a family member that enjoyed Halloween as 'Their' holiday... Why not give them a special gift? Mom usually always gives me a few dollars (which I usually put toward the treats or something for my costume the next year.) sometimes she also gives me some other gift a few times I got a t-shirt or Nightgown (which was Halloween themed) She's given me a Witch Bear (I had seen it in the dollar store) another was this set of Monster themed mini rubber duckies that came with a book.(another thing I saw in a dollar store)

as I mentioned with gift baskets, if you will be hanging out for the night why not give something like a bag of candy (mixed?)

something to drink

a movie

Non candy Items can be

  • Mini Puzzle coloring/activity books
  • Crayons (to go with it)
  • mini memo books
  • pencils
  • Rings
  • Pin/button
  • mini figurines
  • small puzzles (like you get in a birthday party bag)
  • stickers
  • a hand made item (like the book marks below)

Backstreets Back (The Monster video)

Programming Suggestions (various ages)

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Nightmare before Christmas

Monster House

The Little Vampire

GhostBusters (original)

Corpse bride



Hocus Pocus

The Worst Witch

Halloween Town series

The Addam's Family

Warm Bodies


The Craft

The Crow (Original)

Fun Size

The Conjuring

Monster Squad

Halloween (Michael Myers series)


Harry Potter Movies


Jeff Dunham's Minding the monsters

13 Halloween movies to watch

Bookmarks (copy into word)


have them make up their own story & even more fun...have them act it out

Calling all the Monsters

What's YOUR favorite Halloween programs & treats ? - If it's not on here, let me know You may find it next year!

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