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Halloween Costumes for Kids

Updated on August 12, 2015

As Halloween nears, you can feel the air of disguises and candy. Everybody is looking for the right costume and you're looking for a perfect costume for your kid.

There are tons of choices and it seems hard to choose from. When it comes to toddler costumes it's a bit difficult to decide because your only basis is the interest that they have in a particular character right now.

Mostly costume categories for toddlers are few. Let's take a look and see what would be perfect for your kid this Halloween.

Animal Costumes

From birds to bunnies, animal kids costumes have a wide variety. You can't miss when you go with an animal costume choice. It can also be a fun activity as you teach your little one the sound an animal makes and the way they move. It's an opportunity to get your child learning and what better excuse than this?

With animal costumes you'll always get something adorable even if you choose a spider because of the vibrant colors and soft detailing. Animal costumes are usually body suits covering the whole body. Good thing with these types of costumes they come with snaps for easy diaper changes and skid resistant booties.


Character Costumes

Another popular category is TV and movie characters. The latest heroes being Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy and The Flash TV version.

TV wise the Power Rangers Dino Charge are the newest heroes while the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made a comeback.

The only downside to this is that because of the popularity of these characters, costumes are often redundant and your child though special that he is will not be unique come Halloween.


Food Costumes

Food costumes is hands down cute but even more so with kids costumes. There's just something about a food costume that attracts. It may be our craving for food which makes us pay extra attention to this category but either way a food costume is also another way to go.

Happy Trick or Treating!

Whatever choice you go with it will be a special night. The key points here are that your child is comfortable and wearing a safe costume. Trick or treating will always be a memorable experience and there's no doubt that there will be stories years to come.


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