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Halloween Kids Costumes Girls and Boys Funny Scary Superhero

Updated on March 8, 2016

Children love to dress up!

Yes it's time for Halloween again or time for Costume parties if you don't celebrate Halloween. Being in a costume is just plain fun. Dressing in costume brings us to a place of make believe for a short time. We can let our imagination go. Children love make believe. (Many adults do too!) It just lets you be someone or something else for a short time. I guess it's how the career of acting started! Costumes come in all shapes, sizes and varieties! You can become funny or scary or cute and beautiful or even ugly! In fact a child could become a superhero for a day!

Costume parties are times full of fun for any age. Watching your children get dressed up in several various Halloween costumes is very exciting. On that point there are many distinct ways of getting dressed up for a Halloween costume party. A lot of people wish to dress up according to their preferred characters. Sometimes many people prefer to comply with the theme of a party. Usually the most important part of a costume party is to look different from everyone else. Children love Halloween costume parties. There are so many styles of costumes for sale for them in the market. As different characters come and go with popularity, the variety keeps changing. Today children like to dress up harmonizing with the theme of a favorite TV or movie fictional character like Iron Man, Superman, Spider man, or Avatar.

It is fun to shop for your kid's costumes

Deciding which Halloween costume you will choose for your child or which costume that your child will choose for him or herself, is just personal choice. There are so many different options available. Also there are different ways to get costumes. You can make one at home, or rent a costume or buy one at a specialty store, or even get one online and have it shipped right to your door. As soon as September comes to a close, Halloween Costume stores seem to pop up everywhere. Children's Halloween Costumes are very easy to find. However, beware that you should shop early, because they do sell out quickly. For this reason, online shopping may be an easier choice. Either way, have fun with the season!

Movie characters make great kid's costumes

There are many fun Movie Character Children's Halloween Costumes every year. Whichever new character was in a movie the past year, has a costume in it's namesake just like it. Here are a few examples.

Disney Princess costumes- The best-selling costumes among younger girls are the Disney princess costumes. All girls are fascinated by the many Disney characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and Jasmine and wishes to look like them. Disney princess costumes allow them to look similar to their favorite princess. You usually get the dress and any accessaries that your child will need to complete the look!

Buzz Lightyear Costume- This costume is also quite popular among the kids, especially the boys who loved Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear was one of the main characters in the movie and therefore, he is quite popular with the boys.

Iron Man Costume - Of course we know where this costume came from the Iron Man movie! There are lots of costumes available for both boys and girls from the Iron Man Movie. The kids will love these costumes. You can even have a theme party for movie characters which could be a great alternative to Trick or treat time.

Scary Costumes are fun for kids

Scary Costumes - A Halloween party seems to need a scary costume. If your child wants to be the one to scare, then he or she will have lots to choose from!

Dinosaurs make one of the best themes for Halloween costumes. They can be scary or cute and work for all ages: babies, kids, teenagers and adults. Older children can be scary carnivorous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are some great T-Rex costumes. Stegosaurus and Triceratops are easily recognizable favorites too. And Pterodactyl costumes are a superb choice - kids love flapping their wings! You can even get ride-on dinosaurs that make it look like a child is riding a dinosaur (we like those).

Babies and toddlers make very cute dinosaurs. Younger siblings of a dinosaur fan can be dressed as a dinosaur egg. Dinosaur egg costumes are great for all ages - green tights, clawed feet and a Triceratops mask and you have a very cool dinosaur hatching from an egg costume.

Boys and Girls love costumes.

Choosing your children's Halloween costumes is actually a fun thing to do. With ghosts, witches, athletes, vampires and superheroes just to name a few, there are always ideas when picking a costume for your child.

The most important thing to do is enjoy this time with your Girls and Boys! Have Fun!

Do your kids like scary or superhero type costumes?

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