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2013 Halloween Horror Marathon

Updated on September 29, 2016
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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!

Howlicious Hauntings

Welcome to my 2013 Halloween Horror-thon.

I've done them in past years on my 'Horrifically Everything Halloween & Movie mania' lenses.

This year & in the future they will be held right here. As I watch the movies I will include the reviews.

I have also listed my favorite movies I usually watch every October as well as others I rented.

This year I am trying to mix classics (be it 1930s black & white universal Monsters classics, or something from the 80s) with newer movies I just with the Conjuring was already on video and sadly it won't be available for rental until November same for anything else I could think of.

I also have the previous years' list of Movies I watched. So 'the usual suspects' just assume I have or will watch them maybe all, maybe some, maybe none i basically have someone memorized by heart! I thought maybe 2013 I might take a break from my usuals; but knowing me, I'll end up watching thisone or that if there's nothing else on.

disclaimer This lens is a work in progress during the month of October 2013. I will have some movies posted that I plan to watch; otherwise I will add the movies as I watch them. Besides that here I will also have the reviews posted to my

Top Grossing Horror Movies

2012's Marathon Review


Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters

The Thing (remake)

The Sisterhood

The Shining

Walking Dead marathon

*Salem's Lot

Scream Movies

Urban Legends& urband Legend Final Cut

Dead & Deader

House on Haunted Hill

Paranormal Activity 4


We all scream for Ice scream



Killer Movie

*will have to try to get to in 2013

2013 Marathon - list is what I plan so far

Keep in Mind that as I watch the movies I will post them, so I would advise using that bookmark. Only one or 2 may be posted when you first look; but may change every or every other day, so stay tuned! So the first 10 are pre-planned but will not necessarily be watched in that order.

(see HORRIFICALLY EVERYTHING HALLOWEEN lens for more) plus a few others I thought of.

see section below for purchase

In my Travels, I found someone elses 2012 marathon Calendar

I've also seen a movie called Voices, from Japan and for once, it wasn't a Hairy horror! It was I guess you could say a psychological thriller. nice and bloody. A girl and her family loses her aunt on the aunt's wedding day The girl really makes you feel her pain I even shed a tear. NOt really sure about it but there's a twist that threw me for a loop and now I'm not sure what was what. The thing in her dream was scary. C+

Hellraiser series

I'll include my reviews & comments for each of the movies here as I watch the next as I'm limited to the amount of characters I can use in the review box.

* So the first Hellraiser I couldn't remember much of, because there wasn't much to remember except 'Uncle Frank' & that Gory mess! For the time was cool effects now sort of looks campy. Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 - I hope somewhere down the way in the series they show how and when the box was made. . This shows how Pinhead was made but not the other cenobites. There's actually three boxes (are they made all the same way designs etc or do they vary?) Wow its really been a long time since I saw it...

Hell Raiser 3: Hell on Earth- i think most people prefer the original 2 as they have the gore, more creepiness and so on. This one when I first saw it had been my favorite (but then again I had a sort of crush on the guy in it back then) The one thing I always remembered from this is that 'sculpture' with Pinhead in it and the souls he captured.

HellRaiser: BloodLines- This takes place in three centuries. In Space in 2127 back in the 18th century when the box was first made by a toy maker,a nd in the 19th century where we meet the toymaker’s decendants. For a moment I thought there was a hiccup in telling the story how the box was made to Pinhead becoming who or what he his but I realized that was not so. I have to say, the art of the box used in architecture I always remembered the walls etc of the building as well as the ship from this. C

Rules of the Movies - & Cliches thrown in

a Brief history of Horror

Top 20 Horror films since 1992

13 Greatest horror directors

The 7 Subgenre's of Horror

Monster movies


Slasher flix

Psycho (thrillers)

Torture Porn

found footage

Zombie Apocalypse (the newest to the group)

The Usual Suspects - The movies I watch TRADITIONALLY for halloween!

Some will watch all the old movies like Rudolf etc. for Christmas (& other winter holidays)

Some of us, well we prefer the Halloween movies.

This is a list of the movies I usually try to fit into my halloween watch list (though I usually get to watch maybe half to 3/4 of them.) I'm sure there are others, but I can not locate those other DVDs at the moment.

I might also make Suck & The Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters a semi-regular staple as well.

  • The Monster Squad
  • The Lost Boys
  • Any time I come across the universal movie monsters

    (Dracula, Wolf-man, Frankenstein, Mummy etc)

  • Scream series (I try)
  • Urban Legend (every few years)
  • HocusPocus
  • The Worst Witch
  • The Craft
  • Practical Magic
  • Queen of the Damned
  • Blade
  • Final Destination series
  • Saw series
  • any kind of Ghost Stories
  • The Nightmare before Chrstmas (if I can catch it)
  • Monster High (if I come along a cartoon..WHY wasn't this around when I was little?)
  • Halloweentown series (Though I like the first 2 best)
  • Fright NIght (remake) w/ Colin Ferrell (new to list)
  • Night of the Demons remake (2009 or 2011 ) frankly the make up fr the demons is just so much cooler, the Soundtrack is totally kick ass! (it's just a shame a few of the more famous songs were not included which is totally bogus. If you don't like rock and metal then don't pay attention to the soundtrack but it's the perfect tunes to listen to for Halloween esp. Concrete blonde's Bloodletting, Type O'negative's Black #1 and Swinging Neck-breakers No Costume no Candy & TSOL-Code Blue. Night of the Demons ST

and This link will show you a few books, that will help you find more films or help you make your own!

Old movie trailers - & 1 full movie!

The Slasher pic

Hallowed House of Horror

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