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Halloween Kitchen Witch Recipes

Updated on January 2, 2022

Halloween Kitchen Witch Recipes - Get Fun, Scary, Creepy Recipes For Your Halloween Party

Hi Welcome to my kitchen where you will find Halloween Kitchen Witch Recipes to make easy and fun, scary and creepy, delicious party food to match your Halloween party ideas.

I love to create gross party food and party punch recipes to serve my family and my party guests. Halloween is my favorite holiday, add the two and it equals Frightfully fun party food ideas.

I've included scary Halloween recipes include breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, snack recipes, dips, dinner recipes, party beverages, fun drinks and punch recipes, know, more traditional Halloween recipes like Spaghetti and Eyeballs, and of course, Halloween dessert recipes.

Which one is my favorite?

I really can't tell you, this Witch likes them all! You can find the recipes on this page by looking for the asterisk.

Halloween Recipes - Get A Halloween Cookbook With Scary Recipes Perfect For A Witch

You can find recipes for a Halloween Kitchen Witch from friends, online or in Scary Cookbooks. The cookbooks I have in my Witchy kitchen are loaded with pictures and how to directions...perfect for the witch who is very serious about her Halloween recipes. Find out how to make those eyeballs or that really gross brain dip and wrapped mummy dogs with pictures, so you not only read what to put into your super frightful concoction but you can also see what that scary recipe should look like when you are done. Perfect for the witch who wants that recipe to look as creepy as can be and taste as good as it can get. Fun, easy recipes for your Halloween party or your family's dinner table. Get the cauldrons ready and find the recipe that you want to serve.

Hungry Halloween: featuring Movie Monster Munchies, Bewitched Buffet, and Dead Man's Diner
Hungry Halloween: featuring Movie Monster Munchies, Bewitched Buffet, and Dead Man's Diner
Alarmingly Hungry? Got a craving for some simply frightfully gross foods? Try Monster Munchies, Bewitched Buffet and a Dead Man's Diner and see if any of these horrific food recipes are what you desire.

Scary Foods Need Scary Cauldrons - Get The Cookware And Accessories You Need To Create Gross Halloween Recipes

You can find the scary recipes you need to create fun and gross looking Halloween foods right here...but you will also need some accessories to serve these frightful party food ideas in...some Halloween mood setters. A party dip recipe will look cute in your regular bowl or it can look disgusting when you make it in a brain mold. Your Halloween punch will taste great from your beautiful punch bowl or it can look like True Witches Brew when you serve it in a scary Halloween punch bowl. My favorite is one I bought years has skulls all around it. Spooky, Freaky and Fun ways to serve up your halloween party recipes for both drinks and food.

Spaghetti and Eyeballs, One Of Our Traditional Halloween Dinner Recipes
Spaghetti and Eyeballs, One Of Our Traditional Halloween Dinner Recipes

Spaghetti And Eyeballs Scary Halloween Dinner Recipe *

Here is a fun and easy Halloween dinner recipe to thrill and chill your family with!

What could be easier than a traditional Halloween dinner recipe? If you are looking for fun, easy and a little bit scary this Spaghetti and Eyeball recipe is a great choice for you. Make some garlic bread to keep the vampires away and your family can enjoy a bit of spooky dinner fun. Add a delicious but gory Halloween dessert recipe and cook up one of the most fun family dinners ever. Get into a real kitchen witch mode with one of my favorite Halloween dinner recipes.

Prepare your spaghetti, sauce and meatballs as usual. There's no tricks with this easy dinner recipe but there are a couple of treats! Cut your cooked meatballs in slices or halves right before you are ready to serve up this simple family meal. Add a round slice of Mozzarella cheese and top that with a slice of black olive.'ve got Eyeballs instead of Meatballs!

This Spaghetti and Eyeball treat is perfect for a small, spooky family dinner and it makes the perfect meal for a much larger Halloween dinner party. It's easy and fun to whip up and frightfully fun for all your guests. Serve it on a scary Halloween platter or from a Spider bowl or a Halloween Soup Tureen. Add that buttered and baked garlic bread or add some Monster Finger Bread Sticks to complete this fun and more traditional Halloween dinner.

Creepy Halloween Recipes * - Gross Green Salsa Dip

Scary Halloween Recipes Where You Can Find Out How To Make Gross, Green Slime Salsa Dip.
Scary Halloween Recipes Where You Can Find Out How To Make Gross, Green Slime Salsa Dip.

Every party, including one with a Halloween theme, needs some dip! Try out our Gross, Green Salsa Dip at your next Halloween Celebration or for a Horror Film Movie Night. Find a scary skull bowl or a vampire's coffin dip bowl and add some fun homemade crackers or breadsticks shaped like witch fingers or skeleton bones. Sounds absolutely frightening, doesn't it? That is just the effect I wanted from my spooky Halloween recipes.

Here's an easy and delish dip for Halloween Green Slime Salsa

frozen spinach - 10 oz thawed - I like to use chopped spinach

cream cheese - 4 oz

sour cream - 4 oz

mild salsa - 3 oz

green onions - 2 chopped

garlic clove - 1 clove minced

dash of salt

Colorful Veggie Chips or Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Drain the thawed spinach and squeeze the liquid out of it. Put all the ingredients, except the chips, into a food processor and puree it. Cover the mix and store in the refrigerator so it can thicken up a bit until it's time to put it into a dip bowl and serve it. Don't forget to put out the chips!

Halloween Decorated Dishes To Serve Your Scary And Gross Recipes - Set Your Halloween Party Table With Themed Dishes To Create A Scary And Fun Mood At Your Hall

If you are serving creepy Halloween dishes you've got to put them on a decorated serving dish...or a plain colored dish that fits with your party decorations. With this fun theme you can use the colors orange and black...they are the signature colors of this spooky October night. Witches love the color purple mixed in so you can always use a purple, orange or black serving dish. But when I serve dip I like to use a fun serving bowl that will make my guests squirm. I am, after all, a Kitchen Witch! Look at these fun Halloween decorated dishese I've conjured up for you.

How To Make A Jack O Lantern Face Cheese Ball
How To Make A Jack O Lantern Face Cheese Ball

It's pretty simple to make a Jack O Lantern face cheese ball for your Halloween gathering. Use it as a party appetizer or a fun after school snack for your kids. I've put a picture here so you can see what the cheese ball should look like and of course you can create your own design.

Cook Time

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Serves: 8


  • Cheese - you can get a cheese ball or you can get a container of cheese dip & make your own cheese ball
  • Chips or Crackers
  • Sliced Black Olives - you can use green olives and black olives - cut a round piece out of the green olive slice and fill it with a piece of black olive
  • Shredded Carrots
  • 1 Pickle


  1. Here's how to assemble your Jack O Lantern Cheese Ball
  2. If you bought cheese dip you have to form it into a cheese ball, if not get your cheese ball ready to decorate.
  3. Roll the cheese ball in shredded carrots
  4. Put the cheese ball on a Halloween serving tray
  5. Add some sliced olives for eyes - I included two ways to make eyes for your cheese ball face -
  6. Make a nose and a mouth out of the olives too.
  7. Push the pickle in the top of the cheese ball - it's a pumpkin stem
  8. Now you've got a fun Halloween appetizer.
  9. Add some crackers or chips...I like the blue chips or those colorful veggie chips
  10. Chill your Jack O Lantern cheese ball until you are ready to serve it.

Sweet, Scary, Delicious Halloween Desserts *

Got A Sweet Tooth? Recipes For Halloween Cakes And Cupcakes Always Go Over Big At A Halloween Party But Desserts Made With Molds Are Always Creepier!

The best part of any dinner or party is the desserts, and being the Sweetest Witch around, I thought I should include some sweet, scary and delicious recipes for Halloween desserts. I am always looking for some new and unique Halloween cupcake decorating ideas.

How about some Vampire Bite cupcakes, blood colored red velvet cake pops or something gooey and made in a mold like Brain Pudding.

They all sound disgustingly delish, but I am drooling for the Brain Pudding. It's usually made with a custard recipe that is very creamy and thick. I top it with red ice cream topping so it looks bloody. You can make a very thick rice pudding that works great with the mold. When ever I am trying a new recipe I like to prepare a small batch to test myself before I make the recipe I will serve to my guests.

I like to test all my witch recipes before I serve them at a that means I get to have it twice that week. I am going to give you my Aunt Samantha's rice pudding recipe so you can make your own brain mold pudding dessert for Halloween. Yes, Aunt Samantha married a human named Darrin and let the our witchy ways out of the bag. That's when we came out of the closet, so to speak.

Aunt Samantha's Rice Pudding Recipe To Make Your Halloween Desserts - Brain Pudding

4 cups of rice that has been cooked

4 cups of milk

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of sugar

2 beaten eggs

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of butter

Here's what to do:

Put your rice, milk, salt and sugar in large cauldron or pot. Simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes over a medium heat. Stir the mixture occasionally so it doesn't burn or stick. It should end up being a thick consistancy. Add in the eggs and stir well. Continue to cook your mixture for a couple more minutes...two or three should do it...but you must STIR constantly. Remove it from the heat, add your cinnamon and butter, stirring them in.

Let it cool a few minute before you put it into your brain mold or molds, depending on which size you chose. You can find mini brain molds and a larger size mold to create your fun Halloween dessert with.

Want some more delish and scary Halloween dessert recipes? Try No Bake Easy Halloween Cookie Ideas where you will learn to make a spooky little spider cookie with an Oreo! You can also try Ghost Halloween Treats and make some yummy ghost banana pops. Both of these Halloween recipes are super easy, fun and tasty too.

Fun Molds To Make Creepy Halloween Party Foods - Food And Desserts Can Be Made In These Easy To Use Halloween Molds

Check Ebay for the food molds you want for your Halloween party food ideas. Molds are easy to use and pretty creepy to look at before the food goes in so you know when you add custard, pudding, cheesy dips, jellos and other moldable foods, it will look super scary...and that's the look you want on Halloween.

Here is a Halloween cake made out of gingerbread.   Looks like a Witch House to me!
Here is a Halloween cake made out of gingerbread. Looks like a Witch House to me!

Halloween Cake Decorations

Create Some Scary Cakes For Halloween

Who doesn't love cake? Well, witches do. In fact, we have a huge sweet tooth. Find fun ideas to help you make Halloween birthday cakes, dirt cakes, witch cakes, spider cakes, and the decorations you need to make them look spooky as can be. You can see how simple, easy to find Halloween candy was used to make this cake perfect for your Halloween party table.

Making Halloween Food

This video can give you some instructions and ideas for your Halloween party food and you can find some great...I mean gory, recipes too.

Fun Pumpkin Halloween Cake Ideas - Pumpkin Cake Ideas For Halloween

Find out how to make a pumpkin Halloween cake with this fun video. Yes, Witches watch videos! You can create magic with your Halloween party food ideas. It takes a little time and a little imagination but creating new, fun and even scary Halloween party food ideas are what keeps the magic alive in all of us! That's one of the secrets every witch knows...we all have magic inside us. Sometimes it takes a fun holiday or special moment for us to realize it.

Be The Top Banana This Halloween In This Funny Costume
Be The Top Banana This Halloween In This Funny Costume

Halloween Recipes For Fun Food Costumes

Wear Your Food Or You Are What You Eat - Funny Halloween Costumes WIth A Food Theme

Looking for Halloween recipes for fun food costumes this year? We've all heard those old sayings, "You are what you eat" or "Don't wear your food"...well, why can't you wear your food? Take a look at these funny costume ideas that all involve food. Some of them are as scary as the Creepy Halloween recipes that are on this page...most of them are just funny as can be. I love the baby costume ideas! You will find some great group costume ideas too.

Haven't you always wanted to be a Top Banana? Here's the perfect costume for you...

Banana Deluxe Adult Costume

The fun costumes don't stop at the banana outfit...there's a Pizza, a Hotdog, Bacon and Eggs for the couples out there, the Taco is popular too. French Fries, Movie Popcorn, a Carrot, and that cute baby outfit, the Peas in a Pod and the ever popular Tootsie Roll costume. Just click on the costume link to find more fun outfits to dress up in this Halloween, when finally, it's okay to wear your favorite food.

Enjoy our great Halloween party food recipes and these fun food costume ideas. Find some fun ideas and food recipes for your holiday this fall.

Find Some Halloween Food Costume Ideas - Food Costumes Are The Perfect Costume Recipes For This Year's Halloween Party

Here are some really funny food costume ideas. Match your party recipes to your outfit...or just give everyone a good laugh in these funny costume ideas.

The Haunted Graveyard Snack

The Haunted Graveyard Snack
The Haunted Graveyard Snack

The Halloween Graveyard Cake

The Halloween Graveyard Cake
The Halloween Graveyard Cake

Fun Halloween Foods From Taste Of Home

Fun Halloween Foods From Taste Of Home
Fun Halloween Foods From Taste Of Home

Great Looking Spaghetti And Meatballs With Eyeballs

A Spooky Halloween dinner idea
A Spooky Halloween dinner idea | Source

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