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Halloween Music And Scary Sound Effects

Updated on December 31, 2015

Halloween Music And Scary Halloween Sound Effects

Look at the picture. What's missing? Spooky Halloween Music and Scary Halloween Sound Effects, that's what. Look at the picture again and this time imagine hearing the woman's can see she is screaming. Imagine the Zombies grunting and know, like movie Zombies do. You can see just by looking at this picture what a huge difference the scary sounds you hear in your favorite horror movies can make to the audience.

Since I am a Halloween Kitchen Witch I have scary sound effects playing all the time in my kitchen. I find it soothing to hear the sounds of my favorite holiday in the background while I fix up some creepy Halloween recipes for my family. Traditional dinners in our house includes kind of relaxing holiday tunes played on our MP3 player. Look at the spooky noises and sounds I've found for you! Now you too can relax with the noises of the season during the weeks before and after Halloween.

Scary Music For Halloween - Halloween Parties Need Some Music

Find some Halloween music for your party or just to hang out and listen to at home. Scary music can be so relaxing, don't you think? Set the mood in your house for this fun and spooky holiday. The neighborhood kids who come to trick or treat will be quite surprised when they hear these scary tunes and noises coming from your house.

The Addams Family Theme Song - We Used To Think This Was Creepy!

Remember when we used to think this was scary? The Addams Family was a spooky show about a very strange and scary family. Do you remember the opening song?

"They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family."

Their names are:

  • Gomez
  • Morticia
  • Wednesday
  • Pugsley
  • Uncle Fester
  • Grandmama
  • Thing
  • Cousin Itt
  • Lurch

The Addams Family Theme Song

Scary Halloween Sounds - Scary Halloween Party Sounds

Get some scary sounds ready for your Halloween party or set up speakers near your front door on Halloween night. It's a frightfully fun experience for the kids...walking up the walk and the stairs to the tune of spooky sound effects. Let's see how much those kids want your candy!

The first one is great for little kids and has sounds that include the howling wind, a hoot owl and a creaking a few more. Be sure to read all the descriptions so you make sure to buy a child's sound CD for kids...some of the adult versions can be rather scary.

Scary sounds include:

  • Evil Laughing
  • Thunder
  • Howls
  • Growls
  • Door Creaking
  • Moaning
  • A Woman's Screams
  • Heart Beat

Get Some Scary Sounds For Halloween Fun

Halloween Party Music - Monster Mash The Night Away With Your Halloween Party Music

When was the last time you saw a bunch of monsters and ghouls dancing? Well, it's not a very pretty sight, but everyone out on that dance floor is having a real good time and that's what's important. Even Monster parties are all about having fun. So let's check out the dance tunes I found at Amazon that are just perfect for a Monster Mash party.

Halloween Party Music - Monster Mash The Night Away

Halloween Party Music For Kids - Kids Love Halloween Music

Play these fun CDs for your kids or use them at a kid's Halloween party. Plan some frightening party foods, have plenty of candy and get the music ready. These look likes lots of fun and have tunes on them like Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, The Purple People Eater,

Disney Halloween Songs - Sing Along With Disney On Halloween

Scary Sound Effects For Halloween - Sound Effects For Halloween Are Spooky And Fun

Halloween party ideas and Trick or Treat visitors will be terrified with these spooky, scary Sound Effects. There's nothing more fitting for Halloween than some creepy noises to scare your guests or soothe the witches and monsters in your neighborhood. Sound Effects are the best! Can't you just hear the gathering storm as the wind picks up and the rain starts to pound. The thunder claps and the man yelling out a warning, "Don't Cross The Bridge" you are in house and you hear the organ music, the bats, the hounds of hell...all scary noises that are perfect for Halloween.

Creepy, Spooky, Scary Sound Effects

My Secret Is Out

I LOVE Halloween!

I guess my secret is out...I love Halloween. Everything about Halloween. The creepy food recipes, the fun and spooky desserts like graveyard cakes and vampire cupcakes, the costumes, the candy and the sounds, those blood curdling screams, those wolves howling, those zombies groaning and crunching on flesh, the bats, the hounds from hell, the storm and the thunder...they all start my blood boiling and It makes me want to brew up some boiling batch of punch in my cauldron. And it's only one night a year...what a terrible shame. So make the most of it while you can like I do! Happy Halloween Everyone.

Scary Sound Effects For Kids - Listen To These Spooky Sounds

The organ, the wind, the laughter, spooky and fun sounds to use at your house on Halloween.

Best Scary Halloween Sound Effects Ever - 3 Hours Long

Best Halloween Sound Mix Ever

Try some of these fun or sinister sounds at your next Halloween shindig and I bet your party host ratings go up by at least 100 percent. Sound can add so much to a party atmosphere, as you will soon find out with the sounds you pick out from this page.

You can buy your own songs and sound effects or you can just download them and play them on your iPad or MP3 player. Wait until you see what a difference it makes!

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      @Close2Art LM: Close2Art thank you! Makes you want to do the Monster Mash, doesn't it? LOL

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      fun lens for Halloween, very cool scary music...