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Halloween Poems and Songs

Updated on December 20, 2015
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Yvonne, a retired teacher/librarian, has written many multi-skilled thematic units and book recommendations for elementary school children.

Kids Stories, Songs and Fingerplays for All Hallows Eve

Children of all ages enjoy reading and hearing poetry. Many of the poems I've included can be acted out or done with finger plays. Teachers in the early grades can use short poems for daily penmanship exercises in an October poetry booklet, that the children can illustrate. Some lend themselves to acting out and choral reading.

All of these poems, stories and songs are suitable for younger children.

Halloween Poster on Zazzle


Halloween Poems

Halloween Fun

Tang of cider in the air,

Spooks and goblins everywhere,

Caldrons bubbling in the night,

Jack-o-lanterns burning bright

Gypsies stirring steaming brew.

On the fences black cats mew.

Bats in darkened corners hide.

Lurid witches broomsticks ride.

Skulls and crossbones act as hosts

To rows and rows of stately ghosts.

That's Halloween!

Fern Curtis

It's Halloween Book

It's Halloween
It's Halloween

One of my favorite poets for children, Jack Prelutsky.


It's Halloween

Strange things happen

On Halloween night.

A witch sails by on a broom.

Pumpkins grin slyly

from rickety fences

As owls fly away to the moon.

Virginia P. Flanagan


Witches, ghosts, and bats are seen

out at night on Halloween.

Boys and girls with scary faces

peer out from many spooky places.

Everything looks very queer

this jack-o-lantern time of year!

Ruth Linsley Forman

Halloween Poetry Poll

Do you read poetry to your children?

See results

Barn Dance - Reading Rainbow

A great book for fall and October. Read it aloud and stomp your foot to keep the beat. Lots of fun for kids and adults.

Barn Dance Book by Bill Martin Jr.

Ghost Poems

Little Ghost poster on Zazzle

Little Ghost by nhlord
Little Ghost by nhlord | Source

Look at That

Look at that!

Ghosts lined up

at the Laundromat,

all around the


Each has


and some


Cat, Hat and Broomstick


Each one seems to

think it


to take a spin

in a

washing machine

before the




Lilian Moore

Three Ghostesses

Three little ghostesses,

Sitting on postesses,

Eating buttered toastesses,

Greasing their fistesses,

Up to their wristesses,

Oh, what beastesses

To make such feastesses!


Autumn Ghost Sounds

When the moon

rides high,

up overhead--

and I am snug

and warm,

in bed--

in the autumn dark

the ghosts move 'round,

making their


moaning sound.

I listen to know

when the ghosts

go by,

I hear a wail,

and I hear a sigh.

But I can't quite tell

which I hear

the most--

the wind,

or the wail

of some passing ghost.


Georgie the Ghost Video

Georgie's Halloween

All of the Georgie Books are just right for lower elementary children.

Poems About Witches


Wicked Witch Admires Herself

by X.J. Kennedy

"Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Whose is the fairest face of all?

I'll come close, so you'll see me clearer--"

Pop! goes another magic mirror.

A Halloween Wish

by Mabel Harmer

If I could borrow a witch's broom

I'd ride far above the town;

I'd see the place where the sun comes up,

The place where the moon goes down.

I'd fly around by the old church tower

And wave to the folk below;

I'd see the haunts of the wise night owl

And follow the fireflies' glow.

I shouldn't care for a tall black hat

Or cat with fiery eye--

But I'd like to borrow a magic broom

And fly as the witches fly.

Song and Fingerplay

1 little, 2 little, 3 little witches

Flying in haystacks, diving in ditches.

Flying on broomsticks without any hitches.

Hey ho, Halloween's here.

5 Little Witches Song

Poetry Place Anthology

Most of the poems on this page came from Poetry Place Anthology. This is an excellent resource filled with delightful poems for children of all ages, but especially the lower grades.

Fall Fancies to Perk up Primary Programs

A great teacher resource with activities, bulletin boards, clip art and more geared to the months of September, October and November.

© 2010 Yvonne L. B.

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    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 7 years ago

      Great selection of Halloween poems and posters too. I love the first one - Halloween Fun. Nice presentation.