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Halloween Rubber Band Bracelets and Charms! What a treat!

Updated on July 14, 2014

Stretchy, woven rubber band bracelets with such spooky charm!

I have seen these colorful, stretchy, "rainbow loom" bracelets around the wrists of tiny tots and even their grandparents. To be the most popular house on the street with your really good neighborhood goblins, these Halloween Charms on a bracelet made from black and orange rubber bands will be a hit.

If you are like me, you have searched all over town for the rubber bands to make bracelets with no luck. (and perhaps, EBay) is the only place to find this very popular kids' craft. However, the Halloween charms are selling out fast! Do not wait. Order these jackolanterns right this very minute. You can even order a loom while you are at it. Don't forget the rubber bands, either!

In fact, you can just make a Halloween Themed Rubber Band Bracelet without purchasing the charms shown here. I have included several videos that show you how. Just keep scrolling down!

My grandchildren would just love to make a Halloween Bracelet for their pals---no, they would LOVE to make one for THEMSELVES!

Handing out candy is fine and dandy, but if you give out these charms or even a bracelet to your favorite trick-or-treaters, you can give yourself a pat on the back. Feel good that you did not give those children one more opportunity to get a cavity. Handing out sugar rushes is pass©. I know that I am ordering my charms and rubber bands today. I do not have the time to wait until the truck comes in at WalMart or Jo Ann Fabrics. Forget driving all over town to get the last bag of stretchy bands at Hobby Lobby that are the wrong color. I want to feel warm and fuzzy knowing that I will get these wonderful Halloween Treats in a few days.

I want to be adored this October 31st.

(background image: a photo of scrapbook paper that I took with my iPhone)

Video Tutorials for making Halloween Rubber Band Bracelets and Charms:

Yes, you do not absolutely have to have the charms to make a Halloween Bracelet. Below is a video that shows you how to make a cute stretchy "raimbow loom" bracelet just using orange and black bands.

The second video shows you how to make your own pumpkin charms.

The third video makes the same pumpkin charms. I like that this tutorial tells you how many bands you will need.

The fourth video has a youngster showing you how to make a Halloween Zippy Bracelet.

Here are three products that you might need to complete your Halloween Rubber Band Bracelets.

The orange loom bands are glow in the dark! How cool is that? Black rubber bands will be a hit with your batty trick or treaters.

C-clips are included and are a must have. They can be used on other bracelet projects, too. You might need to search for some "S-clips" for the tiny loom band bracelets you might want to make.

Rubber Band Loom Orange and Black Halloween Refills and U-B Charmed Monster Charms
Rubber Band Loom Orange and Black Halloween Refills and U-B Charmed Monster Charms

This is a refill kit that has monsters! Don't forget to have a loom on hand.

Rainbow Loom Kit from
Rainbow Loom Kit from

So, do you think your Trick-or-Treaters will like getting a rubber band stretchy bracelet charms instead of candy?

See results

My grandchildren love themed rainbow loom bracelets; they especially love the glow in the dark bands! What designs and themes do your children adore? 

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    • profile image

      James 3 years ago

      The stylish rubber bracelets are very popular. The come in different size and variety of colors. The look of halloween rubber band bracelets are really amazing and will create charm when you wear it. Thanks for posting Michiegee.

    • profile image

      minxnicole 3 years ago

      Yes Mickie, the arrival time of the item we buy from online is really important. I am very happy that my first transaction at amazon was really great. I bought one pack of daisy loom's loom bands. If I'm not mistaken they have 2 refill packs but got this only

    • profile image

      art4jp 3 years ago

      The craze of these stretchy loom bands are still alive until today. Undeniably, these rubber bands are great way to creating creative bracelets and charms. thanks for sharing Mickie

    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 4 years ago

      Well, since no one has left a comment, I will. I ordered some Halloween Colored rubber bands bracelet kits from eBay to give to my grands. They arrived in less than 5 days and are just what the sellers said they would be.