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Halloween Decorating Ideas

Updated on March 24, 2016

Indoor Halloween Decorations

In this Halloween article we'll look at ideas to decorate on Halloween; both those that you can buy and place in you home, and those that you can get your children or grandchildren involved with which you can than put out to enjoy and give them ownership and a lot of fun in making them.

We'll focus on Halloween decorating ideas you can do within the home in this article, and look at Halloween yard decorations another time.

The ideas we'll look at here are presented so you can get some inspiration that will fit into your unique situation.

It's surprising how simple ideas and tools can really generate some creative and compelling ideas that the entire family can enjoy.

Here are a number of Halloween decorations ideas you can use in your own home and circumstances, and whether you copy or borrow from them, they'll bring great memories and fun experiences you can remember over a lifetime.

Haunted House Decorations

I included this haunted house because it shows not only how cool a haunted house is - whether you buy one or build one - and also how you could take materials from home and easily build one that everyone could enjoy.

Every home needs a haunted house of some type to have as part of their Halloween décor. This is a good example of how it can be designed.

Simple and Fun Skulls in Basket Halloween Decoration

This shows how a very simple idea can really make a normal part of your home décor into Halloween décor with very little effort or expense.

And since this is a basket of apples (it could be anything you eat), it's something everyone usually will look at or go to to get something to eat, and they can then discover the little surprises in the basket.

Skulls in Basket

Halloween Cobwebs as Part of the Decoration

Cobwebs on Halloween are another part of the experience that must be there, and having some homemade or stuff you buy is easy to put up and a lot of fun to see when you enter the room.

Talk about an easy way to create the type of spooky and scary atmosphere that almost everyone loves to enjoy at Halloween.

Halloween Cobwebs

Table Decoration Setup for Halloween Party and Fun

Here's a nice Halloween table setup which can give you ideas on how to set it up, and also some of the items you can buy to get the look you want. There's a little bit of everything here, which of course could be strategically placed all around the house.

Halloween Spider and Spider Web

Up close this doesn't look like much I know, but to make a spider web like this and put a toy or fake spider into it is a relatively easy craft to do with your children or grandchildren. And when you place it up high in a corner of the room or hanging from something in your home, it looks great and you can't see it in the way it looks here.

This would be a real fun thing to do, and a spider and spiderweb are always an important part of Halloween decoration fun.

Spider and Spiderweb Halloween Decor

More Halloween Spider Decorations

Now here's a totally different look for Halloween spider décor, and you can see this would also be very easy to do, giving some ideas for other creatures or critters you may want to present in a similar fashion.

Huge Halloween Spiders

Different Look for Halloween Decorations Ideas

What attracted me to this set of Halloween decorations was the Halloween props the pumpkins and figures are set on.

Simple things like the shelving seem to be made for the occasion, and what a great idea that birdcage is, which somehow fits in with the overall Halloween theme. Again, it shows with a little creativity how you can take everyday objects and add a few things to them and create a great look.

Did you catch the rooster lamp and cat figurine? Really works great.

Great Props for Halloween Decoration Ideas

Balloon Halloween Decorations

This final Halloween decorations idea I included because the ideas generated from this are endless as it relates to balloons.

Now before you want to pass out thinking what it would take to create something like that below, don't worry about it. The thought is to take the inspiration of the balloon figure and see what you can do with it on a much smaller level.

From various colors to different balloon shapes and sizes, there are an endless number of Halloween characters you can create from balloons. A great idea.

Making Halloween Decorations with balloons

Fun ideas for Halloween decorations

Just going through these creative Halloween decoration photos will probably give you enough Halloween ideas to last a lifetime. There are so many fun things and objects you can use in your home, that even if you buy products to enhance it, many times it's in the presentation where the fun and enjoyment is; even more so than in the various objects you may buy.


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    • eilval profile image

      Eileen 3 years ago from Western Cape , South Africa

      I love your spider and balloon decorations ; should be great fun !

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      Anonymous 6 years ago


    • What's News profile image

      What's News 7 years ago

      Cobwebs make for the perfect decoration. Thanks for the info. Great hub.