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10 Handmade Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Updated on October 17, 2014

Let’s face it, receiving something handmade from a loved one is a whole different kind of special. You know that they thought about you and spent a bunch of time trying to make it perfect, just for you.

There is this unfulfilled hole when you receive a store bought gift, that is filled right up when you receive something made by hand, and it’s love: You know they love you, you love them, and you certainly love the handmade gift!


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Reasons to Give Handmade Gifts

There are many reasons to give handmade gifts to someone instead of buying something from a store. Especially to people such as husbands and boyfriends. Here are some insight as to why it’s better:

  • Cheaper to make: When you make something as opposed to buying it, it is usually much cheaper. It can, of course, become more expensive depending on the materials you use to make whatever it is you’re making.

  • More special: When you make something by hand, it tends to hold a lot more sentimental value than it would have if it was store bought. That’s definitely something worth making a gift for!

  • Unique: Making a handmade gift means it is unique, there will not be any other thing exactly like it, even if you try to make it again by hand to replicate it. I suppose you could make a replica if you really tried, but that’s beside the point.

  • “It’s the thought that counts”: When you make something, it truly shows that you are thinking about that person, and a lot. At least, the entire time that you are making it. The amount of thought that you put into any handmade gift will be felt by the recipient for sure.

  • Time spent: All too often, I hear people excuse themselves from something saying “I don’t have time for that!” Truth is, it’s where you make the time to do something that will determine just what you have time for. Making time to make a gift is sweet because there is so many other things that you can be doing with that time, but you chose to spend it creating something cool for someone special.


Handmade Gifts For Him

Boyfriends are great candidates when it comes to handmade gifts. For one, you shouldn’t be expected to spend a million dollars on a gift for a boyfriend because it’s not like you’re married.

For two, if you guys do end up getting married, the handmade gifts will become something even more special, symbolizing your earlier days. But what are some good handmade gifts for boyfriend? Here’s some good ideas!

  • Crocheted Scarf: Maybe it's cold out, so why not crochet your man a nice wool scarf to keep that neck of his nice and toasty! Stick to neutral colors for optimal usage: tans, browns, and charcoal colored yarns are ideal for nearly any guy!

  • Baked goods: Okay, not exactly something you can save, unless you’re doing some sort of science experiment, but guys love food, and it likely won’t last longer than an hour. He will love it though! Whether you make cookies, brownies, rice crispy treats, or even some cupcakes.
  • Pottery: If you know how to work the pottery wheel, get spinning! Make a cool pottery jug, or something cool that your boyfriend can store stuff in. Don’t forget to paint and glaze it!

  • Custom Gift Basket: Sure, a gift basket sounds like a generic gift, but your boyfriend will love a gift basket made just for him, filled with his favorite movies, candy, cologne, whatever! You know you're guy, now prove it with a super custom gift!

  • Christmas ornament: ‘Tis the season? How about making an ornament by hand for his Christmas tree? You can make ornaments out of anything, but my personal favorite is making salt dough ornaments, just don’t forget to seal them well to keep bugs from finding it! Find the perfect salt dough recipe here.

  • Coupon book: Not coupons like what you can use at a store, but coupons that are redeemable to you. Some examples: 30 minute foot massage. Clean your bedroom. Full body massage. 2 hour video game date. You can really go anywhere with this!

  • Picture frame: Chances are, it’s been a long time since you’ve made a picture frame, say kindergarten. Break out those popsicle sticks and paints and make a cute frame! Don’t forget to include a great picture of you in there!

  • Poem: Write a nice poem for your boyfriend, and dress it up with scrapbooking stickers, or make it into a scroll that he can hang on a wall.

  • Scrapbook: Make a scrapbook of all of the important and good moments you two have shared together so far. Leave a few blank pages at the end to fill up later on, because you will need them, right?
  • Tied Fleece Blanket: Even if you're not super crafty, you can put together one of these blankets in only an hour or two. Snuggling together underneath it is just an added bonus! Learn how to make one here!

Not Feeling Crafty?

Time to Get Thinking!

So now that you have some great ideas for handmade gifts for boyfriend, you likely know what you are going to make or your boyfriend, so get working!

After all, making something takes a lot longer than it does buying it, which is one of the perks for the recipient. Melt his heart!

Easy DIY Gifts for Him


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    • DreamingBoomer profile image

      Karen Kay 3 years ago from Jackson, MS

      fun ideas! My mom made everyone in the family a tied fleece blanket one Christmas. This was the year after my sister in law made one for her. We still have most of them. They are definitely cozy!