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Hanukka Gifts for Baby's First Hanukka

Updated on December 31, 2014

Unusual Gifts for Baby's First Hanukka

Babies are a joy. And when they have their "1st Hanukka", we all want to give them something that gives them joy, too. Compugraph Designs has many gifts with unique designs. As you can see, some have Hanukka designs on them, others are just cute designs on things like bibs, stuffed animals, baby tees, etc.

This picture is one of the bibs available on Compugraph Designs' Cafe Press site.

Jewish Themed Merchandise for Young People on Amazon

The Gold Star

One of my short stories, "The Gold Star" is now available in illustrated form. The story is about a young boy named Shmuel who helps a poor man without the man knowing.

The Princess Who Wanted to be Beautiful

One of my first short stories, "The Princess Who Wanted to be Beautiful" started out as a bedtime story for the children of a close friend. I had been worrying about the "Disney Syndrome" whereby all the heroes are beautiful and all the ugly people are villains. This is a story about a princess who has heard that all princesses are beautiful and doesn't think she is beautiful. She decides to go to a wizard and ask him to make her beautiful but along the way she makes some friends and learns a lesson about herself.

Compugraph Designs Cafe Press Site


Most of us love Hanukka. I love lighting my Hanukkia (Hanukka Menora -- Candle Holder) with olive oil. I also love singing Mi Y'Mallel and Maoz Tzur. What do you love about Hanukka?

What is your Favorite Thing about Hanukka?

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