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US Presidents (And a Couple of Quizzes)

Updated on October 3, 2014

My Fascination with US Presidents

When my brother and I, were younger, we were both fascinated by the Presidents. We can credit our mother with much of the obsession -- she bought us president coloring books, biographies of the presidents, and, when her aunt handed down a few plastic president statues for us to play with, Mom went out and bought us the entire set.

One of our favorite books growing up was "Facts About the Presidents". It listed each President with facts and figures -- family members, dates of birth, death, marriage, presidency, etc. It listed information about their Vice Presidents, their elections (popular and electoral votes), and even little tidbits.

By the time we were in 2nd or 3rd grade, both of us knew the presidents in order, could tell you which president went with which number (for example, if someone said "18" we'd say "Grant" or if someone said "33" we'd say "Truman"). I can still do this (though anything over 36 or 37 I have to count up from before I can answer for sure).

In any case, I have written a number of lenses about specific presidents or about the presidents as a group and I thought I'd put them all together in one place, so people can find them on President's Day or any other time of the year (like before a history test????)

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How did you do on the quizzes? - Who is your favorite President?

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